How To Get Paid Telegram Subscribers

By Team Rigi

July 6, 2022

If you have an active online presence on Telegram or can build one, a good way to monetize and earn income from it is by running a paid group on the platform.

Running a paid group manually on Telegram is a lot of hassle for anyone who is a creator and involves many logistical inconveniences such as manual collection and tracking of payments from individual users, ensuring their timely addition or removal from groups, manual retargeting of subscribers etc.

The workaround for these issues is to have an automated service that handles all of these issues and lets the creator focus just on content to be posted on the Telegram group/channel whilst earning from the group he is running. 

Telegram itself does not let you create a subscription plan or earn directly from your channel or group members. However, the creator-oriented Rigi app helps you achieve this for free in a few simple steps.

Rigi offers completely free creation of automated paid groups or channels on Telegrams and helps you get started on your journey to earn.

With the Rigi app, you can monetize your Telegram audience by creating a paid Telegram group or channel with your own customised subscription plan.

Follow these easy steps to get started :

1. Download the Rigi App from the Play Store or App Store.

2. Create a paid Telegram group/channel with your own customised subscription plan and discount offers.

3. Share the link of the created group/channel amongst your community for them to pay, subscribe and join.

If you have the knowledge or skills to provide premium content to your audience, you can run a paid group on Telegram and start earning from Day 1!

What are some ways one can start earning using this feature?

If you are looking for potential ways in which paid groups can help you start earning as a creator, see the examples below.

#1 For a Fitness Trainer

If you can provide fitness tips (related to exercise, nutrition, yoga, meditation etc.) to a group, start a paid group for your users using Rigi.

If you’re a personal trainer, you can simply share the link of your paid group amongst your community. In a few simple steps, you can create a customised monthly subscription plan for a Telegram group for followers who are likely to join.

Once you share the link of the group amongst your community and the rest of the process is automated. You can keep track of your earnings on the Rigi app. 

#2 For a Teacher/Instructor

If you are running a tutorial group or class of any kind where you are interacting virtually with students online, you can simply start a paid group on Telegram using Rigi with a subscription plan. Their payment to join the group is essentially the fees that they pay you for your tuition.

Share the group’s link to your students after which your only concern becomes ideating and posting content for your students.

All the hassle of group management is avoid by Rigi’s automated features. Your earnings will be visible to you through the Rigi app on your Creator Dashboard.

TIP: If you can start a beginner coaching class online for kids in any area of expertise that you possess, try starting a paid group on Rigi and share it to communities that may be interested.

Eg. Online Guitar Classes, Online Chess Coaching etc. 

#3 For a Cook/Baker/Chef

If you are posting food or culinary related content and have an online presence who can potentially subscribe to check out your recipes or cooking insights, start a paid Telegram group on Rigi with a customised subscription plan.

Share the group’s link to your followers online. You can then provide your exclusive content whether it be recipes, or cooking videos or anything else of your choice to this premium community who have paid and joined your group.

Rigi also lets you create paid WhatsApp groups, paid Zoom webinars & more. 

Check out more details about Rigi by visiting the website or by downloading the Rigi app on PlayStore or App Store!

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