We’re taking our Webinar feature to the next level!

By Team Rigi

July 18, 2023

Hey there, fellow creators! Have you heard the latest news? Our webinar feature just got a major upgrade that’s going to change the game for how we interact with our audiences. Are you ready to take your content to the next level? Let’s dive in!

First things first, let’s talk about our new recurring session feature. Now, you conduct recurring sessions with your audience so that you can connect with them more frequently and consistently. We know that consistency is key in building an engaged audience, so this new feature is perfect for creators who want to keep their fans coming back for more.

But wait, there’s more! We offer two types of recurring webinars: one where users can purchase all sessions upfront, and another where users can buy individual sessions as needed. This way, your audience can choose the option that works best for them. And if they can’t make it to a live session, they can always access the recording later.

Speaking of recordings, we’ve also made it easier for you to share your recorded webinars directly with your audience via WhatsApp. That’s right, we’re making it as easy as possible for your fans to access your content. Plus, with our new create course from recording feature, you can package your content in a more structured and organized format for your audience. We know how important it is to make your content accessible and easy to digest, so we’re thrilled to offer this new feature.

And for our loyal subscribers, we’re now offering recorded webinars for free to users with an active subscription for one of your automated group/channels or Rigi group/channels. We want to show our appreciation for your support and dedication to creating amazing content.

Last but not least, we’ve added WhatsApp or Telegram groups as a discussion forum for our webinars. This feature allows creators to give updates and for users to discuss any doubts they may have. We want to foster a sense of community and support for our creators and their audiences.

We’re so excited to offer these new features on our webinar platform and can’t wait to see how you utilize them to monetize and engage with your audience more effectively. Keep creating, and we’ll see you at the next webinar!

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