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Invite your community on your own Branded App

Engage with your loyal supporters like never before

Monetise with your curated, customized resources

Enhance your engagement


Audio-Visual Content

Live Stream

QnA segments

Polls & other features

Share Documents

Boost your earnings


One-to-one Interaction

Webinar & Workshops

Paid Private Groups

Pay-to-view Content

Super Thanks

Upsell your offerings with ease

  • In-feed automated promotion
  • Personalized, targeted recommendations
  • No spam

Grow with others via Affiliates

With this feature, you earn and so do your audience–helping not just you but the entire community as well!

Personalized Notifications

App Branded Notifications

Notify your community about the latest updates, important news and much more. Remind and Notify your community members with branded app notifications.

WhatsApp Notifications

Keep your community updated on the latest happenings via automated WhatsApp messages All important reminders are sent through Automated WhatsApp messages.

SMS Notifications

Keep your community updated on the latest happenings via automated SMS

Multiple Community Types

Multiple Community Types

Start building a free and inclusive community where everyone is welcome and supported.

Request based community

Build a safe community where you have freedom to choose whom you allow to join just like request based facebook groups.

Paid community

Upgrade your loyal members to paid community offering them exclusive benefits.

Benefits made specially for you

From Automation to DRM, we have it all for YOU.


Securing your content end-to-end to ensuring complete privacy with advanced technology

Automated Renewals

To ease the hassle of renewing subscriptions over and over again, we’ve automated them!

Automated Notifications

To keep your community up-to-date and take them with you every step of the way!


Avail tools to keep track of your growth, audience engagement and overall content performance

Support 24*7

We are here to support you all the time!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Rigi White-labeled apps?

Rigi white labeled apps are applications that are branded and customized to appear as though they are owned and operated by you. The app can be used to build an online community, such as a social network, and the branding can be customized to fit your needs.

Can I customize the web experience and native apps to my brand?

Yes, you can. Absolutely! It is possible to personalize your application to create a custom-developed look specifically tailored for your brand. With Rigi, you can incorporate your logo, brand colors, and various other elements. When your app is available on both the Play Store and App Store, it will feature stunning, branded banners provided by Rigi.

What is your pricing model?

Please contact our team at contact@rigi.cub for the pricing model.

Do I own my member data and audience data?

Yes, you own your member data and audience data. We strongly believe that creators, along with their communities, should have full control over their community, setting us apart from other content sharing platforms. You will have ownership of all member data, and in addition, we will provide segmentation tools to assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of your community.