Telegram Groups and Channels

Earn from your own paid subscription groups and channels on Telegram. Rigi automates group management so you can focus on content alone!

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What can you do with this tool?

Ease the manual load

The automated addition and removal of members to your telegram group or channel eliminates the manual work you would otherwise have to do

Grow Your Community

To further grow your community, we also send across reminders and retarget members of your paid Telegram group or channel to continue growing every day

Increase your Earnings

Set Custom Payment Plans With Exciting Discounts and offers to boost your earnings

Hassle-Free Payment Collection and Tracking

As for the payment, it’s absolutely hassle-free! Also track and analyze your earnings with the dashboard feature

How to get started?

Create a Rigi Account

Install the app from playstore/apple store and register with your mobile number

It’s all in the details

Add details like your Telegram Group/Channel name, description and a profile picture though Rigi.

Make a Subscription Plan

Customize a plan with custom period and offers that suits your community best

Why this tool?

Completely FREE to launch
Easy User Onboarding
Seamless Payment Options
End-to-end automation
You earn and so do we–a penny or two for us to help you

Ready to become a brand and earn more?

We want to help you monetize your content, with our solutions.

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