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Share exclusive content using Locked Messages. Users can pay and unlock your content using multiple secure payment options.

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What are Locked Messages?

Locked messages are any kind of content, including images, videos, documents or text messages, that can only be opened or viewed after paying for the content. The price for the content is decided by the content creator.

What can Rigi ‘Pay-to-View’ messages be used for?

Rigi's ‘Pay-to-View’ messages, aka ‘Locked Messages’, can be used for sharing premium content at a specific price to an audience. The premium content may be anything from fitness tips, exclusive tutorial videos, e-books, exam papers, project files or any other valuable goods which can be shared in a digital format.

How do you earn with Pay-To-View content?

You can fix a price for your Locked Message (Pay-To-View content). The message can then only be opened or viewed if the recipient pays the amount for the particular message, which in turn becomes your earning.

How can Rigi help increase my paid subscriber base?

With Locked Messages, you can sell your content in various formats at a wide range of prices, starting at ₹1. Give exciting content to your free followers to convert them to paid subscribers.

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