How to Create a Paid Zoom Webinar Instantly

By Team Rigi

July 11, 2022

Zoom Webinars Are The New Norm
Zoom webinars have become the new norm when it comes to hosting online webinars, workshops, classrooms and much more. 

Security Issues Prevalent with Zoom

One common problem that Zoom users who create and host such webinars face is the yet to be resolved issue of having uninvited attendees join your Zoom call without authentication.

This is often because for a public webinar, one common Zoom invite link is floated to anybody who wishes to join the meeting and anybody with access to this link can join the said webinar.

Zoom also lets users see every joined member on the call due to which there is a lack of privacy and security on the host’s part. This is especially so in calls where the identity of members would rather be kept private.

Hosting paid Zoom webinars is also a hassle due to manual payment management, member authentication and many other inconveniences.

Host Secured Paid Webinars With Rigi

Rigi helps circumvent all these issues related to paid Zoom webinars, by providing an automated Zoom webinar feature. This feature is completely free for creators. You can simply create a Zoom webinar through Rigi and set a pricing scheme which your attendees can choose to pay and join.

Each attendee in the webinar receives a unique Zoom link and is properly authenticated before they join. This means no uninvited attendees or interruptions

Members’ identity is also kept private during the course of the call, ensuring 100% secure interactions. 

Rigi also lets you host unlimited attendees so that your entire community is accommodated.

A Zoom Paid Webinar on Rigi

Hosting a paid webinar or workshops is a great option to start earning online and you can get started in a few simple steps, and that too, completely free. 

You can use this paid webinar feature in many ways including :
1) To host community webinars
2) To conduct online workshops to teach topics of any category
3) To conduct company trainings for your employees ; and much more!

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