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Private Groups And Channels

Rigi allows you to start and earn from your own paid subscription groups and channels. Rigi automates group management so you can focus on content alone!

Create A Paid Group Or Channel On Rigi In Just 3 Steps:

1. Create Rigi Account

Install Rigi App and create Rigi account with your mobile number

2. Add Details

Add details for your paid group or channel like name, description and profile picture.

3. Make a Subscription Plan

Make a custom subscription plan for users.

Rigi Makes It Easy To Earn With Paid Groups And Channels

Automated Member Addition/Removal

Rigi automates addition and removal of members in your paid group/channel. This avoids the headache of manually doing the same, especially as your community grows.

Automated Subscription Reminders & Retargeting

Rigi also automates the process of sending reminders via SMS/WhatsApp for your paid group’s members for renewal, expiry and more. Rigi also does this for retargeting members for your paid group or channel to grow your community further.

Set Custom Payment Plans With Exciting Discounts

Customize period-specific payment plans for users to subscribe and join your paid group or paid channel. You can even customize plans and set the joining amount as low as ₹10 or lesser. For longer periods of subscription, you can also offer attractive discounts to incentivize users to join.


Hassle-Free Payment Collection and Tracking

Payment collection from sales of your digital goods is now a seamless process with Rigi. You can also track and analyze your earnings with Rigi’s Creator Dashboard feature.

Benefits Of Pay-To-Join Webinars On Rigi

Completely Free To Create

Frictionless User Onboarding

Multiple, Secure Payment Options

Automated Features for Group Management

Guides To Get Started

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