How To Start A Selling Group On WhatsApp Instantly For Free

By Team Rigi

July 13, 2022

Many businesses have shifted their focus to online e-commerce portals but small businesses and individual business owners, especially those that are just starting off with selling, find it difficult to find a platform to do so. 

Many try to do this through WhatsApp or Telegram but their efforts get squandered due to the enormous manual effort required to run such an operation.

Here, we have a couple of ideas on how you can start a WhatsApp Selling Group instantly and for completely FREE.

There are many tools that help creators online monetize their audience. One such free app is Rigi.

Here are 2 ways you can start a WhatsApp Selling Group using Rigi.

#1 – Start a paid group on WhatsApp with a subscription plan

The Rigi app allows you to create a paid WhatsApp group with a subscription plan for users to pay and join for a specific time period.

How do you use this to start a Selling Group?

Start a paid subscription group on WhatsApp instantly!

Well, consider the working of a thrift shop, which is a huge and thriving business online on all social media platforms today.

You can easily start an online thrift store by creating a virtual store ie. a WhatsApp Group where members pay a small fee to join.

Any pictures of items that you are selling can be put up on the group for viewers to see and potentially purchase.

A paid group allows you to filter out spammers and other potentially fraudulent members with the added benefit of earning from just the entry fee.

#2 – Offer Pay-To-View Content With The Locked Messages Feature

Locked Messages feature on Rigi allows you to send pay-to-view content, which is especially useful in the sale of digital goods.

In case you have a WhatsApp group with potential buyers for your goods or content, you can simply create a Locked Message on Rigi for a custom prize, again, for completely FREE.

Once a Locked Message is created, you receive a link which you can share in your group to potential buyers, wherein they can simply pay and access the contents of the message. No App Installation required for the buyers.

This helps the creator earn by selling their premium content and all management of the payments collection is automated by Rigi and earnings shown to you in your app dashboard.

Thus Rigi simplifies the process of selling digital goods online for creators and enables users to start earning from Day 1.

It is worth mentioning that Rigi also lets you create paid Telegram groups, paid Zoom webinars & more. 

Check out more details by visiting the website and downloading the Rigi app on Play Store or App Store. 

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