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Sharan Hegde: Empowering Financial Literacy with The 1% Club

Sharan Hegde - The 1% Club

86K + App Installs

4K + Paid Users

2.5 M + Instagram Followers

“Helloo, this is your man Sharan.” A catchphrase that has made its way to more than two million hearts! Sharan Hegde, a renowned figure in the realm of finance, has achieved household recognition through his relentless commitment to simplifying the intricacies of finance and investment. Sharan is the ingenious mind behind “Finance with Sharan” and the formidable driving force behind The 1% Club. With an extensive 15-year background in finance, Sharan identified the pressing need for easily accessible financial education. This led him to embark on a mission to empower everyone with the knowledge to make informed financial decisions.

With this case study, we explore his collaboration with Rigi and how Sharan Hegde leveraged the capabilities of Rigi, a versatile platform for content creators, to create an app offering exclusive courses and efficiently overseeing their flourishing community.

Navigating the Financial Maze! 

In a world where financial jargon can be overwhelming, and decisions seem complex, “Finance With Sharan” simplifies intricate financial concepts and has gained a dedicated following for his profound insights. So, how does he do it? He keeps his content simple and to the point. With relatable storylines, humor, and analogies, he makes an otherwise dull landscape exciting and engaging!

Sharan Hegde aims to democratize financial literacy. Understanding the complexity that often shrouds finance, he’s determined to make financial knowledge accessible. Through his social media handles and the “1% Club” app, Sharan empowers individuals with insights to navigate finance confidently. His passion for financial education and simplifying complex concepts drive these initiatives, transforming lives and illuminating a brighter financial future.

Rigi x Finance with Sharan – Keeping Financial Literacy under ‘Cheque’

Rigi empowers creators to craft their own apps, monetize content seamlessly, and effortlessly manage thriving communities. Sharan has harnessed the power of community building and engagement effectively with the help of Rigi in many ways: 

  • Tailored Courses: You can explore a diverse range of thoughtfully crafted courses in the app, led by Sharan Hegde and his team of financial experts. From mastering the fundamentals to delving into advanced financial topics, our courses cater to beginners and seasoned investors.
  • Community Hub: The app is the vibrant heart of the 1% Club community. It’s where financial enthusiasts come together to connect, exchange ideas, and seek expert advice. This platform fosters a strong sense of unity, creating a space where the shared passion for financial literacy thrives.
  • Resource Repository: The extensive library houses many articles, news, events, videos, and webinars. It’s your continuous learning companion, keeping you informed about the latest developments in the financial world. 
  • Live Insights: Sharan Hegde hosts live webinars and more on the app, making it a golden opportunity for direct engagement. These sessions provide real-time insights into market trends and investment strategies, enriching your understanding of finance in an interactive way.

Leveraging Rigi, Sharan created a transformative financial education experience, expanding the vision of accessible financial literacy.

Sharan Hegde’s Financial Revolution: Letting the Numbers Speak!

With an impressive 12,000+ app installations and a dedicated community of around 4,000 paid users, Sharan Hegde’s empire continues to flourish. His influential presence extends across various platforms, boasting 2.24 million subscribers on YouTube, 233,000 engaged followers on Facebook, a staggering 2.3 million on Instagram, almost 276,000 connections on LinkedIn, and a vibrant community of 64.1 thousand Twitter voices.

  • Reach Expansion: The 1% Club app has played a pivotal role in extending the reach of “Finance With Sharan,” attracting a larger audience for personal financial literacy. Sharan’s mission of democratizing financial knowledge resonates with millions of individuals. 
  • Monetization Success: The app’s exclusive courses have not only enlightened users but also generated significant revenue. This success has further enabled the development of additional content and strengthened community engagement. 
  • Educational Transformation: Sharan’s educational content has empowered countless individuals, making them familiar with finance jargon and terms. The app’s impact is evident in the remarkable course completion rate, averaging an impressive 65%, and a remarkable conversion rate of 15-20% from courses to masterclasses in enlightening webinars. 

Thanks to Sharan Hegde and his partnership with Rigi, finance is no longer an enigma.

Finance with Sharan and The 1% Club app stand as beacons of accessible financial knowledge, with impressive user numbers and reach. Sharan’s dedication to simplifying complex concepts, coupled with Rigi’s versatile services, has truly illuminated the path to financial literacy, making it accessible to millions.


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