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4.3M Subscribers

Combined Total of 5.5M+ followers

Experts of Law and Regulation

Labour Law Advisor is a prominent platform that provides comprehensive and up-to-date information, guidance, and insights related to labour and employment laws. Founded to simplify labour laws for the common person and bridge the gap between legal experts and the public, accordingly they have emerged as a leading resource for employees and employers seeking clarity on their rights, responsibilities, and legal obligations in the workforce.

From Contracts to Regulations: Labour Law Advisor’s Expertise:

Labour Law Advisor covers a wide spectrum of topics, including employment contracts, workplace rights, employer responsibilities, terminations, labour regulations, and legal updates. Likewise, their commitment is to empower individuals and businesses with accurate, accessible, and practical information, ensuring fair treatment and compliance for all parties involved.

The Birth of the LPTI Community:

Labour Law Advisor recognized the need to create a vibrant community where individuals could exchange insights, seek updates, and engage in live events, all centered around the evolving field of law. As a result, this led to the birth of the Labour Law Advisor Private Training Institute (LPTI) community. Comprising experienced advocates, chartered accountants, and technocrats, LPTI gathered thousands of like-minded individuals eager to cultivate their knowledge about labour laws, investments, finance, and business-related content.

A Transformative Alliance: Labor Law Advisor and Rigi

Labour Law Advisor aimed to amplify their impact by establishing a platform where legal and financial experts could collaborate on resolving challenges and concerns related to rapidly evolving work environments. 

They also sought to create a space for nurturing emerging perspectives and knowledge within the realm of law and finance. This has led to the collaboration of LLA and Rigi. 

They partnered with Rigi to bring together their community. This collaboration has yielded several significant benefits:

  • Exclusive Content: Rigi enabled Labour Law Advisor to host numerous webinars and offer exclusive courses to their followers, fostering real-time engagement and knowledge-sharing among community members.
  • Monetization Opportunities: With Rigi’s support, the Labour Law Advisor successfully monetized their courses and study materials, offering valuable resources to the public while generating revenue.
  • Enhanced Trust and Engagement: Their collaboration with Rigi has boosted community trust and engagement, thereby making users feel appreciated and valued.

From Launch to Boom: Where Numbers Make More Sense!

Since launching their branded app in partnership with Rigi, Labour Law Advisor has experienced a significant surge in their community’s growth and content engagement. Their LPTI community now boasts an impressive membership of over 2.7k users, indicating a strong and continuously expanding interest in labour law education. 

Moreover, they have leveraged the capabilities of Rigi to host a total of five webinars, attracting an enthusiastic audience of more than 3K attendees. Beyond their app, their online presence has also flourished, with Labour Law Advisor’s YouTube channel amassing 4.3M subscribers and their substantial followings on Instagram (749K), Facebook (422K), Twitter (39.6K), and LinkedIn (nearly 14K), culminating in a remarkable combined following of 5.525 million across various social media platforms. 

This exceptional growth underscores the pivotal role of Rigi’s services in fostering community expansion and robust engagement for Labour Law Advisor.

Labour Law Advisor’s journey from a dedicated YouTube channel to a thriving educational community is a testament to their commitment to simplifying labour laws and empowering individuals and businesses with legal knowledge. Furthermore, with the invaluable assistance of Rigi, they have expanded their reach and enhanced their engagement, monetization, and trust-building efforts within their community. As Labour Law Advisor continues to grow and evolve, their partnership with Rigi remains integral to their success in the world of labour law education.

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