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From Travelling to Unravelling: Aakanksha Monga’s Got Your Back!

Get inspired for your content-creation journey via insights and strategies of Aakanksha Monga. Discover their success story through Rigi!

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Combined Total of 900K+ Followers

Travel Vlogger and Influencer

Aakanksha Monga, a prominent figure in the realm of travel influencers, has created a dedicated community of more than 900,000 followers across her various social media platforms. Her journey, characterized by adventurous exploration, deep cultural engagement, and an approach to travel that resonates with enthusiasts worldwide, serves as the backdrop for our case study. 

Within this study, we will delve into the instrumental role played by Aakanksha’s collaboration with Rigi in propelling her to remarkable success, profoundly transforming her career.

The Start of Her Journey!

Aakanksha Monga’s digital footprint is dedicated to disseminating her captivating travel escapades, profound insights, and diverse explorations across various destinations. Her journey commenced, fueled by an unbridled passion for travel, hence propelling her to travel to over 25 countries.

What sets her apart is her remarkable ability to harmonize her globetrotting pursuits with the demands of a demanding corporate job, truly exemplifying the art of seamlessly blending work and wanderlust.

Aakanksha’s exciting adventures are what she shares on her travel-focused social media. She also gives great travel advice and tells you everything you need to know about the places she visits. It all began with her wanting to share her love for travel with more people. As she kept working hard and making exciting posts, she built a big, active online community that grew and became more active.

More Into Exploration, With Rigi!

Immersing deeply in local cultures, she diligently uncovers hidden narratives and treasures, giving her audience a unique perspective. Commencing her odyssey as a solo traveler at the tender age of 19, she deftly navigated the intricate facets of travel, gracefully managing budgetary constraints while ultimately embracing a full-time nomadic lifestyle. 

She eventually collaborated with Rigi, thus helping her expand her reach to cater to a larger audience. This collaboration has been instrumental to her journey in many ways, including:

  • Webinar Triumph: Aakanksha’s partnership with Rigi included hosting a highly successful webinar titled “Travel Hacking Bootcamp | See the World, Save your Wallet,” which drew an impressive 2000+ attendees. This webinar not only showcased her wealth of travel insights but also highlighted the value of Rigi’s platform in the travel industry.
  • Diversified Content: Through Rigi, Aakanksha expanded her content portfolio, enabling her to share valuable travel insights and tips with her audience. This added dimension enhanced her appeal and engagement among her followers.
  • Community Building: Aakanksha’s collaboration with Rigi led to the addition of 2K new users to Rigi’s platform. This demonstrated her ability to connect with like-minded travel enthusiasts and extend Rigi’s reach in the travel community.

The Never-Ending Journey of Increased Reach: 

There’s no doubt to the fact that Aakanksha is not just about travel. It’s about exploring and acknowledging various cultures, escapades, tips and tricks, and other aspects of traveling and backpacking!

Aakanksha Monga, a prominent travel influencer, commands a substantial digital presence with 900,000 followers across platforms. Her Instagram boasts 756,000 followers, while her YouTube channel has 284,000 subscribers. She also has 69,550 followers on LinkedIn, showcasing her broad reach. 

A recent Rigi-hosted webinar drew over 2000 attendees, bringing 1475 new users to her platform, created as a result of the collaboration of Aakanksha and Rigi. Her recent completion of the “Travel Hacking Bootcamp | See the World, Save Your Wallet” cements her status as a leading figure in the travel community.

The statistics speak for themselves, showcasing the impact of Aakanksha’s partnership with Rigi!

Aakanksha Monga’s partnership with Rigi has not only propelled her career as a travel influencer but also enriched the travel community with valuable insights and experiences. From substantial growth in her social media following to the triumphant Rigi webinar, this case study exemplifies the transformative power of strategic collaborations and their profound impact on individuals pursuing their passion and sharing it with the world.

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