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Farida Taher’s Recipe of Success!

Get inspired for your content-creation journey via insights and strategies of Farida Taher. Discover their success story through Rigi!

Online and Offline Courses Provided


Culinary Expert and Consultant

Farida Taher is a culinary genius whose expertise and passion for food have earned her a prominent place in the culinary world. With experience and a creative flair, Farida’s culinary journey has taken her to new heights. Her culinary prowess and commitment continue to inspire food enthusiasts worldwide.

This case study accordingly showcases the remarkable success story of Farida Taher and her collaboration with Rigi, highlighting the significant benefits she has gained through this partnership. 

The Beginning of Her Passionate Journey!

Farida Taher’s culinary journey is a testament to her passion for food and culinary expertise. Her channel encompasses a wide range of offerings, primarily focused on courses related to French Cuisine and Desserts. Her culinary venture started with a simple desire to share her profound knowledge and skills in the culinary arts with a broader audience. Farida not only conducts online and offline classes but also provides pastry consultation and patisserie setup services. Her specialization is crafting international cakes, including French entremets, Russian honey cakes, Middle Eastern cuisine, layered cakes, and desserts.

The Fusion That Amazes!

Farida Taher’s collaboration with Rigi has been instrumental in several ways:

  • Enhanced Online Presence: Farida has reached over 300 users, expanding her digital footprint and connecting with a broader audience interested in culinary arts with the help of Rigi.
  • Course Completion Success: With a completion rate of 75%, her courses, live with the help of Rigi, are a testament to the quality and engagement of her culinary content. 
  • Diverse Culinary Offerings: As a result of her collaboration with Rigi, courses such as “THEOBROMA CACOA – 1” and “Theobroma Vanillè” have diversified her culinary offerings, making her a leading figure in the world of cuisine.

Who Doesn’t Love Food?

Well, we at least know the answer to those who love food and culinary experiences. The numbers speak to the impact of Farida Taher’s exquisite culinary content and collaboration with Rigi.

Additionally, her Instagram following has flourished, boasting an impressive 15.4k followers, a testament to the far-reaching influence she has meticulously cultivated within the culinary community.

Moreover, it’s not just about the numbers; it’s about the eager and engaged audience she has won over, eagerly anticipating each delectable creation she shares.

Farida Taher’s collaboration with Rigi has proven to be a transformative journey for her culinary career. From expanding her online presence and diversifying her culinary offerings to achieving high course completion rates, this case study underscores the power of strategic partnerships and the significant benefits they can bring to individuals pursuing their passion in the culinary arts. All in all, Farida’s story serves as an inspiring example of how Rigi empowers various content creators and experts to thrive and reach a broader audience in the ever-evolving world of culinary arts.

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