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By Team Rigi

November 27, 2023

merchandise store

We are beyond excited to share some fantastic news that is sure to help you with your creative journey. It’s time to add a new feather to your cap as a content creator or influencer. Introducing the all-new Merchandise Store feature – tailor-made for you!

We have already spoken about the importance of personal branding and how to become a personal brand. So, it goes without saying that having your own line of merchandise help increase your brand recognition and value.

Your Brand, Your Merchandise!

Imagine having a line of merchandise that’s uniquely yours. Picture your brand extending beyond the digital world into everyday items your community can enjoy. From stylish T-shirts to coffee mugs, from sleek diaries to handy keychains – your personal store can have it all. The best part? Each product will bear your unique style and branding, making it a true extension of your creative persona.

Key Features of Your Merchandise Store

  • Launch in Style: Select from an array of products that best represent your brand and creativity. Your merchandise, your rules!
  • Flexible Launch Modes: We understand the diverse needs of your community. That’s why we offer three distinct launch modes:
    • Pure Cash Mode: Straightforward and simple – customers pay entirely in cash.
    • Full Community Coins: Embrace the power of your community by letting them support you with community coins.
    • Cash + Coin Mode: A perfect blend of both, offering maximum flexibility for you and your followers.

How to Dive In:

Getting started is as easy as it gets. Just show your interest by filling out a quick form at, and our team will reach out to guide you through the next steps.

The Sky’s the Limit!

This is more than just selling merchandise. It’s about strengthening the bond with your audience, expanding your brand, and exploring new horizons as a creator. We can’t wait to see the unique and fantastic products you come up with.

So, are you ready to take your journey to the next level with Rigi? Let’s make it happen – together!

Create your own merchandise now.

By Team Rigi

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