3 Easy Ways To Earn From Locked Messages On Rigi 

By Team Rigi

August 3, 2022

To empower the creator economy, Rigi introduced the Locked Messages feature last year. Using the Locked Messages feature on the Rigi app, creators can create pay-to-view content. A Locked Message supports multiple file formats and can be created instantly and shared anywhere. It might also be worth mentioning that Locked Messages are absolutely free to create for creators.

To make things better, a user in your community who wants to pay and access your content doesn’t need to install the Rigi app. They simply login using a phone number and OTP, pay using the multiple secure payment methods and gain access to your premium content.

You may have some ideas in mind for the Locked Messages feature already, whatever may be your category. If you don’t, read on as we tell you about some categories of creators who can use Locked Messages and start earning.

For an educator or tutor

If you are a tutor or educator of some kind and you can create some premium content in your area of expertise, you can start earning today. Simply create some valuable content for your students in the form of a Locked Message.

Students simply pay and access the contents of your Locked Message. If you already have an existing community on YouTube, Telegram, WhatsApp or anywhere else, you can leverage it to sell your premium content.

Keep the links to Locked Message contents in your profile bio or as a pinned post so people visiting your profile on social media have easy access to it.

You could be teaching collegiate subjects, running a tuition class, teaching a musical instrument or giving training in a particular software. If you are an at-home tutor or you teach a particular subject — academic or arts-related, you can use the Locked Messages feature.  Simply share your knowledge and be rewarded for it.  

For a chef or food blogger

If you are a cook, baker, chef or just a culinary enthusiast who is into creating food related content online, try the Locked Messages feature on the Rigi app to earn from your content. If you have an existing community on any social media platform who are interested in knowing your recipes, create pay-to-view content and share it.

Whether it be gourmet or simply 5-minute recipes, if you can create intrigue amongst your community, you can sell it. What is a major advantage in using Rigi to create your pay-to-view content is that Rigi lets you do this for micro-payments. The price you set can be as low as ₹5. A low price encourages a bigger volume of users to buy your content. This bodes well for beginner creators and food bloggers who just make content as a hobby.

As mentioned before, users do not need to install the Rigi app to pay and access your content. They simply log in with their mobile number and OTP in the purchase link you share to them. 

For a visual artist, designer or photographer

If you are a designer of any kind, whether it be graphic design, motion graphics, UI design, or say, even a photographer, you can use the Locked Messages feature to start earning.

For a designer, if you can create premium templates, they can be sold. This can be files on Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects or any other design software. There is a huge demand for moderately priced templates online. You can simply create a Locked Message and sell templates online. Another option is to simply package a project file and create a Locked Message from it. 

Your created Locked Message simply needs to be shared to your community with interests in the same topic. To increase chances of purchase, you can mention the link in your profile bio, make a pinned post or even add it in the description of all your YouTube videos.

What do you do if you don’t have an existing community?

If you don’t have an existing community, Rigi enables you to start building one using features such as paid groups on WhatsApp, Telegram or on the Rigi app itself. Getting started can seem like a daunting task.

However, with some research, you can find communities of similar interest online. Common ways where existing communities can be found include :

  • Meta/Facebook groups
  • Telegram groups/channels
  • WhatsApp groups
  • Subreddits
  • Discord channels

Simply share your Locked Message link to any of these and you can get started selling your content. Make sure you are providing premium content that adds genuine value to those interest. There is also an increased chance of sale if your visible message/caption for your locked is professionally written. Incomplete or typo-ridden captions can make things look like spam or fraudulent in nature.

It’s worth mentioning that this can also be a great passive income source for those who don’t want to spend too much time creating content. There are even more ways to use Locked Messages and start earning for free. We will have a look at them in future posts, so stay tuned.

Check out this quick tutorial video on how to use the Locked Messages feature on Rigi!

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