How To Create Courses Online – The Easiest Way

By Team Rigi

July 11, 2022

Online Courses As A Source Of Income
Creating a high-quality, premium course demands an initial investment of time and work, but when done correctly, it enables you to build a passive income stream for your business.

Creating a course on many websites requires review and approval as well as many criteria of credentials from the creator’s part. 

What Is The Best Way To Create Online Courses?

This process of making, uploading and marketing a course is often bothersome and a tedious process that involves a lot of manual effort.

With the Rigi app, you can create your own course for free in a few simple steps using just your phone and start selling immediately.

Once you download the Rigi app, you simply need to create a course in your preferred topic with as many lessons as needed. Each lesson in your course can have upto 1GB of media content.

Next, you simply set a custom price for accessing the course along with any offers or discounts you wish to provide for customers.

Once the course is created on the app, the link to buy the course is available immediately which you can share to your community on social media or anywhere else.

How Does A User Pay and Access A Course On Rigi?

A user simply purchases the course using any of the secure payment options available including UPI, Net Banking, Debit/Credit Card etc. and he has immediate access to your exclusive course content.

Rigi also lets you upload unlimited number of courses on the platform. allowing you to diversify your content and thereby, potential earnings according to your audience.

For example, instead of a single course on Social Media Marketing, one can create three different course according to expertise level of the audience — Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced.

Create & Sell Courses For Free & Instantly!

Making and selling courses is one of the best ways to set up a passive income stream and lets you earn on a consistent basis and Rigi’s automated handling of payment collection and other features enables creators to start earning from Day 1.

3 Ways You Can Start Earning Using Courses In Rigi

#1 Sell A Beginner Course In Your Topic Of Expertise

One easy way to begin your creator journey by selling courses is to pick a topic of your expertise and prepare a course for beginners in that field of choice.

As mentioned earlier, you can instantly create and get a shareable link for your course on Rigi. Once you get a link, you can easily find online communities related to the particular topic where you can share it and find potential customers for your course.

#2 Create A Training Course For Employees In Your Company/Organization

If you own or are part of a company or organisation and wish to create a visual training guide or manual for your employees/members/co-workers, it can be easily done using Rigi which will also organise it in the form of lessons.

The training can also be made available at a small fee for your undertaken efforts, which ensures your efforts are valued!

#3 Create An Online Lecture Series For Students

If you are a teacher or professor of a particular subject, whether it be professionally or even semi-professionally, you can create an online lecture series on Rigi instantly using just your phone.

The course can then be made available to the students at an appropriate price, whether it be for private coaching or large scale teaching efforts. 

Thus, Rigi offers a free and instant alternative platform to create a course and start selling it immediately!

Download the Rigi app from Play Store or App Store and get started now!

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