5 Simple Ways To Create Clickable Titles For Content

By Team Rigi

September 26, 2023

click-worthy titles

The other day, I was on my usual scrolling routine when I came across a reel that said “You won’t believe what happened to this bride on her wedding day.” I had a thousand other important things to do and yet, the title made me click, even though I knew that it was just another click bait. So, what is it that made me click on the title? Poor choices, yes, but let’s not attack my life decisions at the moment. Let us breakdown the title and see the anatomy of a well-performing title.

Here are some recommendations from Google’s “Google for Creators” series if you want to create a clickable title for your blog or any other piece of content online. If you’re a content creator, budding or established, check out these 5 tips to level up your content game. 

#1 People Enjoy Reading Titles

Contrary to what you may think, people enjoy reading article headlines a lot more than the actual content of an article. This is the reason why listicles are so popular on the Internet. Listicles have titles that express what the numbered list of the articles are about. In the above example, it gave me an idea of what to expect from the reel. Even if it was just another video of a bride crying when the groom went on his knees. (Who are we kidding, such videos are so wholesome!)

Creating an exciting title that promises some clear and enumerated information will get more clicks.

Examples :

“5 Killer Tips for Creating Clickable Titles”
“5 Ways To Improve Your Discipline”

#2 Know What To Exclude

A straightforward title that is very simple and clearly understood by the audience will do much better than a supposedly creative one that requires a second look to fully comprehend.

Simple titles can capture the attention of an otherwise nonchalantly browsing audience and increase traffic to your content.


“Ninja Cat Tries to Kidnap Kid”
“Turtle wins the Race Yet Again”

You can also try humor and go for something like this:

P.S. Samba is a total queen!

#3 Use Words That Stimulate the Senses

If you use descriptive words that stimulate the human senses, you will get more traffic. Words that create a sense of palpability improve the chances of a random viewer clicking on your title.


5 Red-Hot Recipes For Summer Breakfasts

“Red-Hot” and “Chewy” are terms that readers can sense when reading.

#4 Use Original Pictures

Google’s search algorithm, like the human eye, pays special attention to visuals. Visuals when shown with the title, must be related to your content directly and should be something that adds value.

Use a meaningful image alongside your headline, but avoid using stock images as they might make your material appear generic.

#5 Consider the value and make a commitment

Give the reader your word that they will gain something of value from reading the post, and be specific about what that is in your title. This definite commitment will drive them to view your content.

Follow these tips from Google’s ‘Google For Creators’ series to optimise your content’s title on any platform!

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