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Mr. Beast Is Now At 100 Million Subscribers

Jimmy Donaldson, aka Mr. Beast, went past the 100 million YouTube subscribers milestone, becoming only the fifth YouTube channel to do so.

A Massive Indian YouTuber You Don’t Know About

Arvind Arora of A2 Motivation is one of the biggest Indian YouTubers and cherished by many loyal fans. However, his name isn’t as popular as other YouTubers.

5 Indian YouTubers To Help Destroy Your Fitness Goal

Check out these awesome fitness YouTubers from India whose YouTube channels will help you smash all your fitness goals in 2022!

One Of India’s Most Exciting Travel Content Creators

Aakash Malhotra aka WanderWithSky is one India’s biggest travel creators online. His viral travel related content has been extremely popular on social media and widely reshared.