5 Indian YouTubers To Help Destroy Your Fitness Goal

By Team Rigi

July 26, 2022

Fitness content is as popular now as it has ever been among fitness enthusiasts and those with health-related goals. The hashtag #fitnessgram on Instagram has over 430K posts. User really enjoy consuming fitness content often as a source for motivation to work out.

Fitness creators saw a huge influx in followers especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Locked down folks at home looked for ways to maintain their fitness levels with no outdoor activity.

There were many YouTube channels from India and creators who came to prevalence during this time. Check out these 5 awesome Indian Fitness YouTubers who are on the rise who help you smash all your fitness goals in 2022.

1) Shreyas Kamath

YouTube Channel : Shreyas Kamath Fitness

Shreyas is a professional fitness coach who has been in this field for almost 10 years.

His goal is to help people become fit in a more practical manner by doing things that they can sustain and get good results.

2) Nidhi Mohan Kamal

YouTube Channel : Nidhi Mohan Kamal

Co-owner of NidSun Wellness, Nidhi has been a nutritionist and a strength and yoga trainer for more than a decade.

Besides this, Nidhi is also a trainer for Puma in India. Her content has many loyal fans and she has built a huge social media presence over the last decade.

3) Shivangi Desai

YouTube Channel : Fit Bharat

Shivangi is a health coach who started the initiative called “Fit Bharat Mission” with a vision to spread awareness about health, food and fitness.

4) Navjot Singh

YouTube Channel : Mind With Muscle

Navjot is a fitness YouTuber and host of the ‘Mind With Muscle’ podcast.

His channel aims at creating a community of fit and mindful people.

5) Sucheta Pal

YouTube Channel : Sucheta Pal

An engineer-turned fitness ambassador and a Zumba enthusiast, Sucheta posts wellness content from workout routines to nutrition tips on both her Instagram and YouTube. 

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