How To Monetise A YouTube Channel – A Beginner’s Guide

By Team Rigi

July 28, 2022

Want to get started earning a living with YouTube but not sure about the monetisation aspect of it? You need to be part of the YouTube Partner Program to start earning. Check out this quick guide!

Criteria for Monetising Your Channel

There are four golden rules to making money on Youtube, and they are :

1) You need to have 1,000 subscribers on your YouTube channel

2) Your videos have generated 4,000 Watch Time hours over the last 12 months.

3) You comply with all of YouTube’s policies and guidelines.

4) You have an AdSense account set up.

Some Tips To Get Your Channel Monetized

01) Learn The YouTube Partner Program Requirements

Commonly known as the YouTube Partner Program, or YPP for short, you’ll need to hit all four requirements (listed above) before your channel will be accepted.

02) Track Your Progress Toward Meeting the YPP Requirements

Are you close to monetising your channel through the YouTube Partner Program? Here’s how to check.

a. Log in to YouTube and go to the YouTube Studio (click your profile image and select YouTube Studio).

b. Click Monetisation in the left navigation menu.

03) Follow YouTube’s Rules For Monetisation

YouTube constantly checks whether channels in the program are meeting YouTube’s policies and guidelines. These strike a balance in terms of meeting the interests of creators, viewers and advertisers.

04) Avoid Copyright and Monetisation Mistakes on YouTube

For most creators, this is the most important monetisation related criteria to be avoided.

Reposted content may not always be allowed to be monetised, but adding your own spin on reposted content is allowed.

If you’re going to use someone else’s content, perhaps for a reaction video, you need to :

a) Add value to the third party content you are using
b) Share original commentary, something of educational value or an editorialised statement.

This can be in the form of reviews, analysis or anything that puts your own spin on the original content.

05) Link a Google AdSense Account With Your YouTube Channel

If you are going to earn money from your videos, YouTube needs a channel by which they can pay you. This will be done through an AdSense account.

If you already have an AdSense account, you can simply link it to your YouTube account. If not, you can set one up even during the YouTube Partner Program application process. You will be redirected to the AdSense page, and after registration, reverted back.

What to Do If You’re Rejected?
If you are rejected from the YouTube Partner Program, YouTube will mention a reason why your request has been rejected.

Unfortunately, in this explanation, YouTube won’t specify what specific video or content within a video is causing the said issue, so you may be left having to do trial and error on your existing content to see what works.

If rejected, YouTube allows you to reapply for the Partner Program in 30 days time

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