How to find Trending Audio for Instagram Reels

By Team Rigi

April 18, 2024

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It’s a fact that a vast majority of us are glued to our screens, endlessly scrolling through platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and other social media sites. These platforms have transformed into a significant source of news, updates, and more. An increasing number of individuals are leveraging social media to connect with a broader audience, seeking opportunities for monetization and recognition. Are you also trying to boost your Instagram reach with Reels? Let’s discuss Instagram trending audio. If you want to be on the top of the social media game and get your reels in front of a wider audience, then using trending audio is one way to start. Selecting the perfect audio for your latest Instagram Reel is an art, not rocket science. Using a trending audio or song clip could provide the boost you need to make it on the Instagram Explore page or Reels feed. You can reach a larger audience by using trending audio in your Instagram Reels. Adding music to Reels is easy, but it can be challenging to find out what’s trending. Thankfully, once you know where to find trending songs and sounds on Instagram, the possibilities are endless. 


What are trending audios?

Where to find trending audio?

How do you know which ones are trending?

We’ve got you covered. Let’s get started!

What Are Trending Audios on Instagram Reels?

When a sound or song is “trending” on Reels, it typically means it’s growing in popularity, indicated by a tiny arrow next to the audio’s name.

Trending Audios on Instagram Reels often include;

  • Conversation clips from popular TV series or films 
  • Dialogues or monologues that other content creators have turned into audio which are made available to everyone. 

Why should you use trending audio in your Reels?

Reels with trending audio will have a better chance of getting viral because the Instagram algorithm seems to prefer these types of content.

Using trending audios for your Instagram Reels will boost your engagement, and increase the chance of virality. 

Here are the three major reasons, Why you should pay attention to trending audio:

  • Better Branding: If you create a piece of original audio with your Reel, you will make your brand even more memorable by engaging people’s ears as well as their eyes.
  • Improved Engagement: You now know that Instagram prioritizes Reels that use songs or audio people like to include in or remix into their own Reels. When they do so, those users are engaging with your brand and sharing your audio.
  • Increased Chance of Virality: Sounds that are starting to trend have a good chance of increasing your Reel’s virality prospects.

Where to Find Trending Audio for Instagram Reels?

There are several ways to search for trending audio on Instagram. Here are 6 easy steps to find the trending audios for Instagram Reels that you can use to boost your Instagram engagement.

7 Ways to Find Trending Audios for Your Instagram Reels 

Here are our top seven tips for finding trending songs and sounds on your Instagram Reels, so you can boost your engagement: 

  1. Scroll Your Instagram Reels Feed
  2. Instagram’s Creator Account – Browse Instagram’s Weekly Trend Report 
  3. Instagram’s Search Feature
  4. Meta Sound Collection 
  5. Follow Trending Reels Instagram Accounts
  6. Browse through Instagram Audio Suggestions
  7. Browse Instagram Reels Templates

Let’s dive into these step by step;

1. Scroll Your Instagram Reels Feed

If you’re already spending time watching Reels, keeping an eye out for trending sounds should be no problem. 

Open up Instagram and scroll the explore page until you spot the tiny arrow that we mentioned earlier.

When you tap the trending sound, you can see where the sound comes from, how many Reels have been made using this audio, and all the Reels that have used it. Jackpot!

Ready to film? 

Tap the “Use audio” button to start creating your reels with the trending audio.

Pro Tip: If you like the sound but not ready to film, save the audio so you can come back to it later.

2. Instagram’s Creator Account – Browse Instagram’s Weekly Trend Report 

Top tips straight from the source? 

Yes, please. 

Instagram’s @creators account is a great source for trending tips and ideas for Instagram growth. They regularly publish a Reels trends carousel that not only shares the latest and greatest audio top creators are using but also shares editing tips and tricks, too. 

Pro Tip: Join the Creators broadcast channel to have news of Instagram’s latest features and trends sent straight to your Instagram inbox.

3. Instagram’s Search Feature

You can search on Instagram using keywords to find photos and videos, hashtags, accounts, audio, tags, and places. 

Search on Instagram;

  • Tap on the search button at the bottom of the app to head over to the Explore/Discover page.
  • Tap the search bar at the top of the page to type “trending audio.” You could even opt for something more specific to the video you plan to post, like “spring clean” or “morning routine,” to see what other creators have used for similar videos. 
  • It’s worth tapping on both the Audio and Tags filters at the top of the results and scrolling through those on offer.

Pro Tip: anyone can tag their Reels with #trendingaudio, so it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the audio used is popular at the time. However, using the Top Posts filter is an excellent indicator of what works!

4. Meta’s Sound Collection

Thousands of rights-cleared sounds and audio to use on content for Instagram, Facebook, or Meta’s other apps? 

Yes, that exists, meet – Meta’s Sound Collection. 

Finding music to use with your commercial content can be a little more difficult for Instagram business account users due to copyright issues. That’s why this useful sound and music library of free-to-use commercial sounds is a game-changer.

The approach is significantly more user-friendly than the in-app audio libraries for Instagram and Facebook Reels, and it works best on a desktop computer.

There are a whole bunch of search filters that you can apply:

  • Genre
  • Mood
  • Duration
  • Tempo

Pro Tip: To maximize engagement on your Reel, post timing is an important factor to consider. Find the best time to post on Instagram for you, then schedule your Reel to go out during a peak engagement period 

5.Follow Trending Reels Instagram Accounts

Too lazy to perform those hard duties yourself?

Good news: there are creators who keep an eye out for the latest trends, so you can easily create the content that reaches more people.

Check out the account, Reels Tips to get insights about transitions, timing, and edits for trends. 

6. Browse Through Instagram Audio Suggestions

Before shooting a reel video, browse through Instagram’s audio suggestions to see which audio is trending. 

To browse Instagram audio suggestions;

  • Open Instagram
  • Tap the + button at the bottom of the screen
  • Tap Reel
  • Tap the audio button on the left to see audio suggestions

This page has multiple audio suggestions in the categories of New Releases, Original Audio, and For You section. The For You section contains popular and trending reel songs that you can browse through. The title of each audio file also indicates the number of reels that have been created using a particular audio. The greater the number of reels created, the more popular an audio is.

7. Browse Instagram Reels Templates

You can create your own version of an Instagram reel by using a template. Templates allow you to use the same music and timing as the original reel, and replace the photos or video clips with your own. You can find templates and save your favorite templates in the Template Browser.

Instagram Reels Templates make it simple to add your content to time-stamped templates that have the music selected for you. Just plug and play.

Top Trending Audios For Your Instagram Reels

There’s no official Reels trending chart, but using all of the above steps we have enlisted some of the most viral, versatile trending audios from Instagram this year to help you boost your reach. 

Here are top 6 trending audios you should take a look at:

O Rangrez –

Mere Dil me hain Tu –

She Hit Me Like –

Daylight –

Stay with me –

Vaatavaran –


Now that you know how to find trending audio on Instagram,  are you ready to dive and discover all those trending audios?  Just remember – it might be a rabbit hole. Therefore, schedule some time or save those popular audios, try them out, and observe the impact that they have on your Instagram stats, including engagement rates.

Boost your Instagram engagement now!


Can Business Accounts Use Trending Reels Audio?

Yes, business accounts can use Trending Audios on Instagram Reels to create engaging content and connect with their audience. Utilizing popular sounds can help businesses stay relevant and increase their reach on social media.

Is it better to use trending audio on Instagram?

Using trending audio on Instagram can be beneficial for several reasons. Firstly, it can help your content gain visibility since users often explore and engage with posts featuring popular sounds. Trending audio can also make your content more relatable and current, as it aligns with what’s popular and relevant at the moment. 

What music is trending right now?

Today’s Hits

  • Illusion. Dua Lipa.
  • TEXAS HOLD ‘EM. Beyoncé
  • Lose Control. Teddy Swims.

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