IND vs BAN – Top Excuses to Skip Work

By Team Rigi

October 1, 2023

Ind Vs Ban - Excuses to take leave from office

“DHONIIII….FINISHES OFF IN STYLE!!! A magnificent strike into the crowd, INDIA LIFT THE WORLD CUP…AFTER 28 YEARS, The party’s started in the dressing room, and it’s an Indian captain, who’s been absolutely magnificent, in the night of the final!!!” If you could hear the above lines and the stadium effect in the background, you are undoubtedly a cricket fan! In the cricket-crazy nations nothing brings people together quite like a riveting match. The IND vs BAN match is just around the corner. The thrill of every run and the anguish in every wicket lost create a roller-coaster of emotions that is nothing short of addictive. However, what happens when IND vs BAN match day coincides with a mundane workday? Well, it’s simple. You need to craft a believable excuse to skip work and enjoy the IND vs BAN game.

Worry not, Rigi has got you covered. Here are some of the top excuses cricket fans can employ to revel in the IND vs BAN rivalry without the shackles of work meetings and the heartbreaking slack huddle notifications. A lot of people also search for where they can watch the Ind vs Ban game, you can watch it on Disney Hotstar.

IND vs BAN – Excuses to Take Leave from Office

The Sudden Illness

“Oh! I must have caught something bad. I can barely get out of bed”(add some coughs for extra effect). The sudden illness is a classic that has stood the test of time. A simple fever, stomach bug, or a terrible headache could buy you a day off.

The Family Emergency

A sudden family emergency requires your immediate attention. Of course, you’re needed at home. Your presence is comforting and absolutely necessary.

The Doctor’s Appointment

Those pesky annual check-ups or sudden toothache that requires an immediate dentist visit are perfect excuses. It’s all about maintaining good health, right?

The Car Trouble

Your trusty vehicle chose the day of the IND vs BAN match to break down. You’re stranded waiting for the mechanic. What else can you do but catch up on the game?

The Unexpected Home Repair

A sudden leak or an electrical issue that requires you to stay at home and wait for the repairman is a believable excuse. Plus, it reflects your responsible side.😉

The Forgotten Obligation

A forgotten anniversary or a school event for your kids that you just can’t miss. It’s all about priorities!

The Pet Emergency

Your fur baby has suddenly fallen ill and needs to be rushed to the vet. A pet emergency is not only believable but also shows your compassionate side.

Ind vs Ban - excuses to take leave from office

The Lost Keys

Misplaced your house or car keys and now you’re locked in or out. While you wait for the locksmith, the IND vs BAN match is there to keep you company.

The Internet Outage

You can use this excuse if you are working from home. Working from home has its perks until the internet decides to take a break. Now, you’re left with no choice but to enjoy the Ind vs Ban match as you wait for the issue to be resolved!!

Some Out of the World Excuses Take Leave from Office

The Alien Abduction

When we said out of the world excuses, we really meant OUT OF THE WORLD!“I was chosen for a brief intergalactic council meeting. They assured me I’ll be back by tomorrow.” Forgive me if I act all alien when we meet!

The Unexpected Inheritance

“I just found out a distant relative left me a haunted mansion. I need the day off to perform an initial ghost inspection.” (Play Mere Dolna in the background for some extra believability!)

The Palm Reading Prophecy

My hast rekha advised against any serious work today. Who am I to argue with ancient wisdom.

The Doppelgänger Dilemma

“I saw someone who looked exactly like me on the news involved in a high-speed chase. I need to lay low and establish an alibi.”

The Lost Voice Phenomenon

I was practicing for the presentation tomorrow and now my voice is gone. How will I answer the phone or talk to colleagues? I will have to stay home! (what an amazing excuse to skip work and enjoy the Ind vs Ban match)

The Time Traveler’s Dilemma

I accidentally traveled to the future. Now I’m stuck and trying to come back to the present. (Oh, thank you for giving me that promotion btw!)

Each of these imaginative excuses carries a dash of humor and creativity that might just get you a chuckle from your boss, if not a day off to enjoy the IND vs BAN cricket match! Creating a believable excuse requires a sprinkle of creativity, a dash of believability, and the perfect timing. So, the next time IND vs BAN face-off and you find yourself stuck in the office, you know what to do!

By Team Rigi

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