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By Team Rigi

November 3, 2023

shivam malik ai

In a digital epoch where connections are curated with a click, the essence of personal touch often gets lost in the binary code. However, we at Rigi, have orchestrated a symphony of technology and human touch with the inception of, the AI avatar of the illustrious influencer Shivam Malik.

In an era progressively shifting towards the digital realm, the quintessence of human connection frequently appears to be eclipsed. As a pioneer in tech innovation, Rigi continually grapples with the responsibility of bridging the gap between digital interactions and authentic human engagement. The emergence of has cast a promising light across these unexplored vistas, providing a hopeful pathway towards harmonizing technological advancements with the warmth of genuine human connection.

Identifying the Challenge

Our journey began when the celebrated influencer, Shivam Malik, known for his profound guidance on career and relationship matters through his Instagram channel ‘The Helping Hand,’ shared his predicament of managing over 2 lakh unread direct messages. The concern was not just the overwhelming number, but the essence of personal connection that was at stake. This problem sowed the seeds for, a venture that Shivam and we at Rigi embarked upon with a shared vision and unyielding resolve.

The Journey

The meticulous six-month journey of creating an AI avatar that could emulate Shivam’s unique voice and persona was nothing short of a roller-coaster. The countless hours of brainstorming, the relentless pursuit of perfection, and the synergy between our teams translated into an AI model that promises an authentic experience to the users. The state-of-the-art AI technology now allows for a seamless interaction with Shivam’s digital persona, ensuring that every query received is addressed with the same spirit and persona that Shivam embodies.

Unveiling at Prabhav 2023

The global unveiling of at our premier event, Prabhav 2023, on 26th October, was a hallmark moment for everyone involved. The spectacle of over 200 top-tier creators witnessing a memorable interaction between cricket legend MS Dhoni and the AI avatar, was a testament to the limitless possibilities that lay at the intersection of human ingenuity and technological innovation.

“The overwhelming response to the AI avatar truly humbles me. It was heartening to see that the digital embodiment could reach out and offer guidance in the same spirit I’ve always endeavored to. Partnering with Rigi has made this vision a tangible reality,” Shivam Malik expressed. His words echoed the ethos of what we strive for at Rigi – to continually push the envelope of what’s captions for diwali post on instagram with technology and to create tools that genuinely enhance creator-user experiences.

The Future is Conversational

In less than 24 hours post-launch, we saw more than 1 lakh questions from over 18000 individuals, & over 600 hours of audio chat! This is only the beginning. The horizons of what we can achieve with AI are expanding, and Rigi is steering towards a future where every interaction is enriched with the essence of human touch, empowered by AI. As the landscape of influencer engagement evolves, Rigi’s is poised to lead the way, reflecting the future of personalized, tech-augmented interactions.

By Team Rigi

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