3 Popular Ways Creator Can Earn From YouTube

By Team Rigi

July 13, 2022

YouTube has become one of the most popular ways for content creators to start earning online for their content.

YouTube lets you monetize your content but with a few existing criteria. However, the most basic earning from videos to AdSense is only one of the methods in which YouTubers earn.

Let’s take a look at some of the most effective ways in which you can earn from YouTube.

#1 – Join The YouTube Partner Program

The first option for Content Creators to start earning from YouTube is to simply join the YouTube Partner Program.

Joining the Partner Program requires some basic criteria to be fulfilled from the part of the creator. Here are the two main criteria that need to be fulfilled.

A. 1,000 Subscriber – YouTube requires your channel to have 1,000 subscribers as a minimum criteria to be eligible for Partnership. On achieving 1,000 subscribers, creators also unlock many features including community posts where members can interact.

B. 4,000 Watch Hours – YouTube also requires your channel to have had 4,000 Watch Hours in the past year. Your watch hours in the past year can be checked in the Analytics section of Creator Studio.

Once these criteria are achieved, one may apply for Partnership. They also need to link their YouTube to their AdSense Account to start earning.

These can be difficult to achieve but with time, consistent uploading and quality content, channels do make their way to these statistics.

#2 – Get Sponsors For Your YouTube Video

Sponsors are willing to pay content creators for their videos now more than ever due to the ever-rising popularity of these creators and the potential reach they get for their product.

Sponsors are likely to pick people in their domain to approach to advertise but the most popular creators do paid partnerships with any kind of brand, often for huge returns even for just a single video.

The possibility of sponsors approaching is high after your channel grows and can be tapped into as a great stream of revenue on YouTube. What’s important is to set up a personal brand and a loyal fanbase for the brand. This makes brands more likely to approach you for their branded content.

For example, in the Indian YouTube scene, Samay Raina is a big YouTuber who has sponsored content from the organic beauty products brand MamaEarth in his videos. His videos often include inside jokes and references to MamaEarth in his videos.

Often, brand collabs work much better when the creator seems personally invested and incorporates them seamlessly into his/her videos.

#3 – Get Into Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is similar to sponsored content. If your YouTube channel has a loyal fanbase, you can always sign up for affiliate marketing deals with brands. 

These brands will encourage you to tell your users to try out some of their products or services, and offer you a small percentage of the total revenue they generate.

These can be with customized coupon codes in your desired name that offer exclusive discounts to people who have seen your content.

This is also a strategy many newer companies with products or websites deploy in order to attract their initial customers. By offering beginner discounts to viewers of big YouTubers, they reach out to their target audience with the YouTuber acting almost as a middleman who is offering a trustworthy label for them to market their products or services.

There are many more ways in which content creators can make money through YouTube such as selling merchandise, YouTube memberships etc. We will talk about them in more detail in other articles. Stay tuned!

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