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Run fully automated groups on WhatsApp & Telegram using Rigi. We take care of the group management, you focus on creating quality content!

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Why should I use Rigi for my paid Telegram and WhatsApp groups?

Our users say that after using Rigi, they have become much more focused and engaged for expanding their communities. Rigi monetizes the communities of users and runs fully automated paid groups on WhatsApp and Telegram. Not just this, Rigi also makes it easy to track the growth of a creator without any extra effort.

What WhatsApp/Telegram automation does Rigi provide?

Rigi provides multiple automated features that creators were looking forward to. Automatic Member addition and removal, Subscription Payment Reminders, multiple payment options for your members and more.

Do I need to shift my paid WhatsApp/Telegram group to Rigi?

No, it’s not necessary. Your existing paid WhatsApp and Telegram groups can be automated through Rigi.

Is Rigi WhatsApp & Telegram automation free?

Yes, it is free. Rigi group management is designed to make creators focus on creating content and let take care of your monetization.

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