The Power of Consistency: Why Growth Relies on Regular Posting

By Team Rigi

February 22, 2024

consistency is the key

“How to grow followers on Instagram?” One would be lying if they say that they haven’t come across at least one article or video that talks about this. We are always on the look out for shortcuts and quicktrips. Growing a loyal following takes commitment, dedication and time. If there is one powerful rule that dominates the digital space, it is that consistency is key!

Whether you’re a blogger, a business owner, or a social media influencer, the power of regular posting cannot be overstated. It’s not just about flooding the digital space with your presence; it’s about building trust, fostering engagement, and ultimately, fueling growth. 

We will be taking a look at the importance of consistency and how it could turn into an essential element of success.

Increasing the number of followers is one of the primary goals that you have as a social media creator or just an influencer to increase the value of the resources you can make from it and to take advantage of new opportunities.  While investing time and energy in creating your social media content is undeniably crucial to the page’s growth, posting consistently is another key component that is frequently ignored.

Why is it important for creators to post at least once a week?

Social media algorithms recognize those who post consistently. Social media platforms generally agree that frequent and constant posting is an essential element of ranking in the feed, despite the slight variations in their algorithm. Providing the most engaging, beneficial, entertaining, and relevant material for followers to view in their feeds is the aim of all social network algorithms. Content that receives more likes and followers will consequently receive greater exposure and reach, which will generate even more likes and follows  – basically a social media snowball effect.

consistency is key

Consider it this way: You are on a mission, a rhythm, and a flow; you’re not just dumping content bombs randomly. It’s the heartbeat of your online presence, beating with trust-building vibes and magical engagement.  Because, honestly, who doesn’t want a loyal fan base?

Content creators need to realize that followers who were engaged with their works in the past or who are already following you are likely to view any fresh content you upload in the feed to evaluate their level of engagement. Therefore, a consistent posting schedule will enable you to gain followers and increase engagement, which will further increase your following.

How consistently should I post on Instagram?

“Consistency in posting is like running a marathon in the digital world. Pace yourself, and you’ll cross the finish line of success!”

In order to grow your Instagram following and keep your followers interested, Instagram creators need to post consistently. A regular posting schedule keeps followers informed about your content. However, the ideal frequency can vary depending on factors like audience preferences, content type, and personal bandwidth. Try experimenting with different posting frequencies to see what works best for you and your followers.

Is there such a thing as posting too much? 

Is it OK to post every day on Instagram?

To answer these questions, yes, there is an optimum number of times to post per week and this varies by social media channel. We have listed the best posting frequency for different platforms below.

Consistency in Posting – Social Media Posting Schedule

“I’m on a social media diet. It’s called ‘consistency.’ Instead of counting calories, I’m counting posts per week!”

The ideal number of posts for the various social media network

  • Facebook: 1-2 posts per day
  • Pinterest: 4-10 posts per day
  • X: 3 posts per day
  • LinkedIn: 2-5 posts per week
  • Instagram: 1-2 Reels per day + 1 image or carousel post per day
  • TikTok: 1-3 posts per day

How to grow your Instagram account? 

Does posting consistently increase followers?

Some of the following steps can help you get closer to your objective of posting frequently:

To maintain interest from your followers

Following an account on social media, especially if it belongs to an influencer or creator, is like subscribing to a newsletter. Whenever a user follows an account, as opposed to simply engaging with its material, they are suggesting that they want to regularly see new content from this account in their feed and don’t want to miss any future updates.

The second you lose consistency and don’t post anything for long periods of time, your followers will begin to question your value and may consider unfollowing you. If you want to maintain your existing following and expand the reach of your channel, you must be willing to put in a lot of effort.

To continue developing a relationship with your audience

Whenever you post something on social media, you have the chance to strengthen your connection with your followers. You can start a conversation every time you share any inspiring or intriguing content.  Your brand awareness and sales opportunities rise each time you use social media to market the products or services you provide.  You make it easier for your followers to relate to you personally every time you post something personal about yourself.

There is a great deal of opportunity for influencers and creators to make money by monetizing social media, as 61% of consumers say they trust the product suggestions they receive from influencers.  However,  inconsistency won’t help build this trust.

Developing a strong relationship with people who follow you on social media requires more than just posting content on a weekly basis. Social media is an evolving platform, and your audience is already following hundreds or thousands of other social media accounts across a variety of channels. The sad reality is that you’ll probably be forgotten after a few days if you’re not creating on a weekly basis at the very least.

To avoid looking inauthentic

Maintaining a consistent social media posting schedule shows to your followers your commitment to creating original content while providing them with an interesting and engaging environment. People who only update occasionally will eventually lose the trust of their followers, especially if they are simply posting sponsored or promotional content. This is because it may seem that they are posting solely for commercial or seeking limelight, rather than out of a genuine desire to connect with their followers or share personal details on social media.

The second you lose your audience’s trust is the moment you lose your power to influence.  Your followers and the possibility of earning money from your content disappear immediately as you lose your ability to influence people.

5 Reasons Why Consistency is King

1. Building trust

Trust is born out of consistency. Your audience is more likely to engage with your brand when they know they can count on you to consistently provide them with high-quality, original content.  Consider it like a friendship: the more often you participate and interact with your target audience, the closer both of you get. Any successful business is built on trust, and the foundation of it is consistent updating. 

 2. Staying Top of Mind 

Out of sight, out of mind – it’s a harsh reality in today’s fast-paced digital environment. You can stay in the top spot of your audience’s minds by posting consistently.  All of your content – weekly blog posts, daily social media updates, monthly newsletters, etc. – serves as a constant reminder of your presence and specific area of expertise. The more frequently you appear in your audience’s feeds, the harder it is for them to forget about you.

3. Driving Engagement

Growth cannot exist without engagement. Regular posting offers many chances for people to engage with your content—by clicking, sharing, liking, or commenting. The more you interact with your audience, the more they will engage. It’s a two-way street. You may strengthen your connection with your audience and increase the possibility that they will see and share your content by encouraging a sense of community and engagement. 

4. Establishing Authority 

To stand out in the infinite sea of internet content, one needs to establish authority. Posting consistently allows you to establish yourself as an expert in your field of interest, contributes insightful content, and shows your expertise.  As you consistently deliver insightful material, your audience will come to appreciate and trust you, increasing your authority in the industry.

5. Maximizing Impact

As they say, “quality over quantity.” Though that is the case, consistency is not an indicator to lower quality. Rather, the key is to find the ideal balance between the two. You may make the best use of your efforts by offering high-quality content consistently. Every piece of content expands on the one before it, strengthening your message and promoting long-term growth.


Consistency is the distinctive feature that separates great creators from the crowd in an increasingly flooded digital space. It is essential to post frequently, whether you want to expand your business, develop your brand, or just share your passion with the world. It takes more than just switching up to engage an audience; you also need to do these things consistently, add value, and develop long-term connections.  So, if you’re ready to unlock the power of consistency and take your growth to the next level, start by committing to regular posting today. Your audience is waiting. so, next time whenever you are tempted to ignore your following for a week or two, keep in mind that neither Rome nor an impressive social media empire was built overnight. As the following grows, it will fly off like a rocket fueled by internet magic, so stay consistent and stay awesome.

By Team Rigi

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