The Anatomy of a Viral Post: Secrets of Well Performing Content

By Team Rigi

November 17, 2023

viral post hashtag

Looked in the mirror, yes, just looking like a wow. Got into the auto, Gotilooooo, this is what runs in my social media and my head all day long. Not long ago, it was The Boys and Moye Moye. In today’s digital age, creating a post that goes viral can be the holy grail for content creators and marketers. But what makes a post spread like wildfire across the internet? Let’s dissect the anatomy of a viral post to uncover the secrets behind content that captivates and spreads rapidly. There are multiple viral post hashtag ideas that you can leverage to get that extra push.

Understanding Virality

What Makes Content Viral?

Virality is when content is shared rapidly and widely from person to person. This can happen through social networks, word-of-mouth, or media coverage. The key is that the content spreads organically, not through paid promotion. Remember the instagram egg?

Psychology Behind Sharing

People share content that reflects their identity, evokes strong emotions, or offers value, such as humor or information.

More often than not, people think that virality is directly dependent on the followers. However, that’s not the case. While having a large following can help with the views, if the content is not good enough, the post won’t go viral. We have dissected one such viral reel at the end of this blog, keep reading!

What are the Core Elements of a Viral Post:

Emotional Connection

Posts that evoke emotions like awe, surprise, amusement, or even anger are more likely to be shared. Emotional resonance makes content memorable and share-worthy. If you come across a meme during month end that talks about being broke, wouldn’t you share that with your bestie? Shareability comes from connection.

For example, when you are at work and you come across the below meme:

vial post hashtag

What is the first thing that you do? Share it with your work bestie, of course! (Mine would definitely ask me what OOAB is!)


When content reflects common experiences or feelings, it resonates with a broader audience. This could be everyday situations, universal challenges, or shared dreams. Having said that, content that showcases the lifestyle of uber rich people, massive achievements etc also performs well. So, ensure that the content that you create appeals to the people.

Bonus Tip: Take it easy. Sometimes, the post gets a boost and gets attention and sometimes, even great content goes unnoticed. Go easy on yourself.

Simplicity and Clarity

There are multiple genres out there. If you think that your niche will enjoy some complex, intellectual content, go for it. But, complex messages often get lost in translation. The clearer and more straightforward the content, the easier it is for people to understand and share.

Visual Appeal:

Visually striking or unique content stands out. This includes high-quality images, engaging videos, or eye-catching graphics. Thumbnail can also be considered here. Make sure that your content is not click baity. While researching, you can search for viral post hashtags.

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Viral Post Hashtag, Content and Theme- A Study

Now that we have taken a look at the major aspects of a viral post, let’s dissect a viral reel. What makes this viral reel interesting? The account only had 45 followers when the reel was posted. This goes to say that the number of followers you have is not a hindrance. Let us see how this reel made it to 5.8 Million in three days!

Resonance, humor and timing. These are the three major things that made the reel a hit. The theme is simple: what if you get kidnapped and Taylor Swift is your neighbour. You can watch the reel to know what happens next. The content quality and the editing is top-notch. The viral post hashtag is the next part. The creator, Deepak Harish has used tags like #ComedyVideos, #Swifties etc. Since the Taylor Swift Eras tour is happening right now, the timing couldn’t be more perfect. We are all for supporting budding creators and Rigi hopes to see this awesome creator at our platform to monetize his content soooon.

By Team Rigi

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