How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel: Everything You Need to Know about YouTube Partner Program

By Team Rigi

February 16, 2024

How to monetize your YouTube channel

Wondering how to monetize your YouTube channel in 2024? Wondering how to make money through YouTube with a partner program and also without 1000 subscribers, and 4000 views? This beginner’s guide to monetizing YouTube channels is for you if you want to make YouTube your full-time source of income or a hobby with monetary benefits.

YouTube is a mass video platform that can benefit professionals as well as any common man who has a knack for tapping the mass mind. You can build your community along your journey to feel a sense of belonging and to promote yourself as a brand through engagements. What more do you want than crowd-running commentaries on your success journey?

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We will guide you through tips, tools, steps, regulations, and policies that will open doors to a lucrative path to earning from your passion. Rejected by the YouTube partner program? Hold on; we will cover that as well.

What is YouTube Monetization?

YouTube monetization is your ability to make money through your YouTube account directly through monetization features such as advertising, subscriptions, promotions, etc. There are certain criteria for entering a YouTube Partner program, like 1000 subscribers, 4000 views, etc. We will explain everything in detail below. 

YouTube Monetization

Checklists before Monetizing Your Youtube Channel

Hey creators! We know you will be in a hurry to create more content to reach that ideal subscriber number and watch time. But wait. Before running to reach that 1,000 subscriber finishing point, did you check whether you met those inviolable requirements to enter that jackpot YouTube has kept for you? Let us tick off the checklist first.

  • You Should Comply with YouTube’s Monetization Policies

 You should religiously follow YouTube’s monetization policy, AdSense policy, copyright guidelines, and terms of service. You know three consecutive strikes for violating community guidelines will end your months or years of effort in vain. So first, let us go through the guidelines in detail. The following links will help you be more cautious when navigating your creative journey.

YouTube channel monetization policies

YouTube Copyright Rules and Policies

AdSense Program policies

Terms of Service

  • Are you living in a country where the YouTube Partner program is available?

The YouTube Partner Program is now available in most countries, but not all. So check out your country (the owner of the YouTube channel) here.  YouTube Partner Program availability

  • Do you have an AdSense account?

In order to monetize, you should create an AdSense account with the same credentials as those given in the YouTube channel through YouTube Studio. You should not go to AdSense Home to create such an account. Any mismatch or duplication will cause disapproval of your YouTube AdSense. So be cautious and go through the proper channels. Visit the link Set up an AdSense for YouTube account to get paid on YouTube for more information.

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Does your channel have an active community strike?

You need to reach that 4000-hour target. But be careful not to spread hate speech and misinformation. Your community and creativity are not spaces to violate others. While you aim to broaden your community and reach, be aware of not spreading hate and violence. To err is human, and YouTube has given you three chances to correct yourself. Third, you will be off YouTube forever. 

Hence, familiarize yourself with community guidelines and follow them religiously. You are not eligible for the YouTube Partner Program if you have an active community strike.  Wait for the strike to be removed.

  • Do you have access to advanced features on YouTube? 

Creating a YouTube channel will automatically provide you with a basic feature, and you can upgrade to an intermediate feature by verifying your phone number. However, to enter the partner program, you need to have an advanced feature. 

If you are an active content creator on YouTube with sufficient channel history, you are eligible for an advanced feature without further formalities. We will explain below about the subscription and view requirements for monetizing your YouTube channel. 

Anyway, you will have enough channel history to achieve advanced features by the time you apply for the partner program.

  • Have you turned on two-step verification on your Google account?

If not done yet, you can do it now, as it will not take much of your time. As you expand your reach, so does your safety risk. 

How many subscribers do you need to make money from YouTube?

 Depending on your watch time and the number of subscribers, there are two ways you can start monetizing your YouTube channel. Before jumping into these numbers, make sure you have checked the above six boxes. 

Now let us see two pathways to monetize your YouTube account: through short videos or through long videos.

Monetize your YouTube channel with 1000 Subscribers

If you are a creator of long videos or short videos, you will be eligible for this pathway. Apart from 1000 subscribers, you should fulfill any of the below criteria.

  • The public watched your long-form video for 4000 hours in the last 365 days.
  • 10 million public shorts views in the last 90 days.

This pathway opens the following monetization features: (You can avail of it upon fulfilling YouTube’s specific requirements.)

  • Channel Memberships
  • Super Chat and Super Stickers
  • Super Thanks
  • Shopping (promotion of your brand and other brands)
  • Watch Page Ads
  • Shorts Feed Ads
  • YouTube Premium

Monetize Your YouTube Channel with 500 Subscribers

This YouTube partner program is for you if you have 500 subscribers and three public uploads in the last 90 days. Apart from that, you have to fulfill either one of the criteria.

  •  The public watched long-form videos for 3000 hours in the past 365 days.
  • 3 million public short views in the last 90 days.

Monetization features available to you are:

  •  Channel Memberships
  • Super Chat and Super Stickers
  • Super Thanks
  • Shopping (To promote your own products)

Each of the above monetization features has its own requirements. Also, the legal framework of your country may not allow you to avail yourself of some of the monetization features. So, go through your country’s information technology law to stay updated.

Is YouTube’s monetization free?

Yes. Apart from fulfilling the requirements mentioned above, you don’t have to pay a single amount to YouTube to monetize your channel. Your creativity, energy, and time are the investments you need to make money out of YouTube.

What should you do when your channel is rejected for monetization?

If you feel that your application to the YouTube Partnership Program was rejected inappropriately, you can appeal within 21 days. You can go ahead with an appeal even if it is your second or third rejection.

If your application was rejected the first time because of a violation of community guidelines, go through the channels for violations of guidelines, review it, and attempt to resubmit after 30 days. For reattempts after the second one, you have to wait for 90 days.

Can you make money from YouTube without joining the YouTube Partner Program?

So you have been uploading videos daily and have not yet reached that benchmark of 1000 subscribers. What if we say there are other legal ways to monetize your channels? Yes! You can still make money from YouTube. It may not be as much as a YouTube partner makes. These are the ways to make money from YouTube videos even without a huge subscriber base and view count.

  • Promotion of affiliate products
  • Create a membership site
  • Partner with brands
  • Promote your own business through the channel
  • Selling your skills as services
  • Selling Digital Products

FAQs about YouTube Monetization

  1. Can you make money without 1,000 subscribers?

Yes. Recently, YouTube became more flexible with its 1,000 subscriber policy for their YouTube partner program and opened other pathways to include short video makers as well. Please go through the requirements mentioned above for more details. 

  1. When can you start monetizing your YouTube channel?

YouTube has a minimum view and subscription requirement to start monetizing by joining the YouTube Partnership Program. If you would like to be notified when you are eligible to join, go to the ‘earn’ area of YouTube Studio and change settings to ‘Notify me when I am eligible.’

  1. Is AdSense compulsory to monetize your YouTube channel?

An AdSense account through YouTube Studio is compulsory to monetize your YouTube channel. Accounts created with different credentials or accounts created through the AdSense homepage will not be eligible for monetization.

  1. Is it okay to buy a monetized YouTube channel?

It is legal to purchase a monetized YouTube channel. YouTube’s guidelines do not explicitly restrict the buying and selling of YouTube channels. But please go through the sites you are planning to purchase before concluding. So, it is acceptable to buy YouTube channels but beware of the credibility of the source.

  1. Can you make YouTube content without your voice and face using AI voice?

There are various content ideas, like how-to videos and educational content, that do not require your face and voice. It is legal, and you can still monetize. For people who are shy or beginners, making use of AI to create their content is a good start. You should be careful not to get a strike for using copyrighted content.

Disclaimer: Since the policies and rules change often, there might be a few things that have been updated or changed, we will be updating the article regularly to ensure that you get access to the most accurate information. We request you go through the given links and YouTube’s official documentation for further information.

By Team Rigi

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