Flying Beast x Dhoni: The Journey Of Every Creator Starts Small

By Team Rigi

April 4, 2023

Like any other creator, Flying Beast also started small. And unlike every other creator, Dhoni already had a huge name. But no matter who you are, or how famous you are, at the end of the day everyone needs a little push to get huge in the content creation field. So today, let’s look into the story of Gaurav Taneja as a creator.

We’ve all come across Flying Beast’s content at some point in our endless scrolling journey. But, what goes behind the scenes to get there?

Gaurav Taneja’s audience has followed his journey as an Indian YouTuber, fitness enthusiast, and pilot. He has documented his journey as a creator and entrepreneur on his YouTube channel “Flying Beast” and his blog “FitMuscleTV”. 

Gaurav started his successful creator journey by launching his YouTube channel “Flying Beast” in 2017 to share his experiences as a pilot with his audience. He later expanded his content to include his fitness journey and motivational videos and started his own fitness blog as well. 

With spectacular content reach, brand partnerships, and a huge audience, Gaurav knew the next step was to build his own community and grow. When Gaurav came to Rigi, he was looking to diversify his brand and build a stronger community that he could engage with better. How, you ask?

Let’s get into it.

Taking the creator journey one step further.

Anyone who makes and publishes digital content can be a content creator. And while anyone with a social media account is technically a creator, professional content creators take it one step further. They use their digital platforms to build an audience that they can fall back on. Here are a few tips you can take from Gaurav Taneja’s journey. 

  1. Experiment with different formats:

Gaurav’s success as a content creator is partly due to his ability to experiment with different formats and styles. From vlogs, fitness videos, motivational videos, to even cooking videos, he has managed to keep his audience engaged and entertained.

  1. Collaboration: 

Gaurav has collaborated with other YouTubers and influencers to create unique and engaging content. Collaborations not only help creators reach new audiences but also bring new perspectives, ideas, and energy to their work. This also helps you find ways to create value for each other and their audience.

  1. Engagement: 

Gaurav’s engagement with his audience is one of his greatest strengths as a content creator. And later in his journey, he chose to take that one step further. He chose Rigi’s 1-to-1 live sessions to build a community and give his audience what they want the most. Yes, better engagement. 

So, why choose Rigi’s one-to-one live sessions? 

At Rigi, we aim to build a passion ecosystem empowering creators & their followers to engage in exclusive communities with immersive experiences to learn various crafts, skills & expertise.

Platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc. have been a great way to aggregate the audience but monetizing the followers is very difficult for the creators – big or small.  Anyone, whether a comedian, podcaster, mentor, yoga, finance or music teacher who wants to build their communities, run sessions, workshops, courses, or classes can build their very own community on Rigi. 

With Rigi’s one-on-one sessions, you can help people improve and make their lives better by providing your experience and ideas as they learn and progress. With the one-to-one sessions, you can deliver a more customized touch to your users and thereby improve customer experiences. Here’s how:

  • You can provide your community with customized services via phone or video call.
  • You are able to design numerous services and offer them remotely.
  • You can make your own schedule, include days when you’re unavailable, and specify a required amount of advance notice for meetings. And you can always reschedule too!

Now coming to how easy it is to set it up. No, you don’t need to be a big-shot developer or techie. All you have to do is create your profile, add services, set your availability, and start sharing your link with others to start receiving bookings. It’s that simple.


Now, we can’t help you take the first step but we can definitely help you take bigger ones next. The size of your following doesn’t matter as long as you take that first step. All you need to do is download the Rigi app and build your creator business. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

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