Earn Now From Personal Sessions With Rigi’s 1-to-1 Interaction

By Team Rigi

September 20, 2022

As a creator, you live a wildly unpredictable life. Managing your personal interactions with your clients/users brings additional logistical issues. You run into multiple hurdles in the process such as managing calendars, payments, and even just remembering when you have a meeting/interaction schedule.

Without a proper schedule and time management services, your productivity is erratic. Some days, you’ll be on a productive high, crossing everything off your to-do list and making rapid progress. On others, you’ll barely get anything done as the voices of self-doubt in your head clamour for more attention.

In your journey, you require an exceptional partner that increases your productivity and allows you to focus on what is truly important. If you’re a creator, solopreneur, writer, artist, musician, therapist, counsellor, or consultant, Rigi’s One-on-One interaction is the perfect way to manage your schedule, reminders, communication, and payments. Rigi’s 1-to-1 Interaction feature allows you to focus on what actually matters and conduct personal sessions or consultations seamlessly.

Make your own schedule and landing page for personal sessions.

Why use Rigi’s One-to-One Interaction feature?

Rigi’s mission is to provide an inclusive environment and support network for creators, solopreneurs, writers, artists, musicians, therapists, counsellors, consultants and users to come together, learn from each other, and strive to be better! We give experts the tools they need and users access to the experts. Rigi 1-to-1 Interaction gives users the ability to interact with creators for more personalised and meaningful information and help. By charging for these interactions, experts can monetize their knowledge and time commitment.

You can help people improve and make their lives better by providing your experience and ideas as they learn and progress. Rigi one-to-one interaction generates a shareable link to your landing page, allowing you to deliver a more customised touch to your users and thereby improving customer experiences.

Rigi one-to-one interaction is an invite-only feature and if you have access to the feature we welcome you to the community and hope to see you and your community grow. If you do not have the invite, you can request for it on the Rigi app, and we will get back to you ASAP.

What is Rigi one-to-one interaction?

Charging for your time may feel strange at first, but you’ll be surprised at how many people are willing to pay just to talk to you for a few minutes. Now you can get paid for your unique skills and here are some cool features of Rigi one-to-one interaction:

  • With Rigi one-to-one interaction you can offer personalised services to your community over Phone or a Video call. 
  • You can create multiple services and choose the medium as Phone or Video call to offer the service. 
  • You can create your own schedule, add days when you are not available, and a minimum notice period before you take a meeting. You can also reschedule a booking if you are not available.

Is that it? Well, this is just where we get started. Here are some additional features which make Rigi 1-to-1 interaction stand out from the rest.

  • You can check all your upcoming bookings and earnings from each service on your app. We notify you of every new booking and forthcoming bookings. We take care of all the communication going to the user and provide that WOW experience.
  • Using Rigi you can set up beautifully-designed landing pages showcasing your services and rates.
  • In addition to paid 1:1 meetings, your community can also share a paid query and you can respond right from your dashboard.
  • Whenever a user pays for your service the money is credited into your Rigi Wallet which can be withdrawn at any time.
  • You can create special offers for your community during festivals, etc.
  • With Rigi one-to-one interaction you receive payments from clients all over the world.

To start using Rigi one-to-one interaction you don’t need any web development skills. All you have to do is create your profile, add services, set your availability, and start sharing your link with others to start receiving bookings. It’s that simple.

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