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By Team Rigi

January 6, 2023

In India, Facebook and Instagram have developed an education and empowerment initiative to assist creators with attracting more users and viewers, increasing revenue, and improving user engagement. One such initiative is born on Instagram. Let us take a look at born on Instagram in detail.

What is ‘Born On Instagram’?

‘Born on Instagram’ is a central creator hub that aims to give content creators a deep understanding of Instagram and guide users on how to build a sustainable presence online.
There are a lot of things that a creator might be unaware of and to ensure that the creators are equipped with the necessary information required, Born on Instagram came into place.
This is for all Instagram users and creators and is free to access. In two hours, one can learn about the digital media ecosystem, the tools available, the community guidelines and get a strong grasp of the best practices for building an individual presence on the platform. The program is for anyone and everyone who wants to be a creator on Instagram.

To ensure that the program has wide reach and appeal, it is available in multiple languages like English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Bangla.

Born on Instagram (BOI) Advanced

This is a selection-based program that is aimed at discovering and showcasing creators with high potential across India.

Only those who have completed the Creator course are eligible for BOI Advanced.

How To Register For Born On Instagram

Go to the official website for BOI.

Fill in details of your Instagram handle and your personal information.

Born on Instagram, which debuted in September 2021, aims to educate and empower creators on the digital media network.

The site serves as a single hub for content creators, with the goal of teaching them everything they need to know about Instagram and advising them on how to maintain a long-term presence on the network.

Instagram is also on its way to powering the booming creator economy. Many features that help creators earn are in the works, including marketplace features and subscription models. Many creators rely on Instagram as their main source of income, and others, as a passive side income.

The potential for monetization is still huge as features such as Instagram Reels provide the organic reach that many of its earlier features don’t. So, if you are looking to become a creator, it is definitely worth investing in a course or tutorial that helps you understand the basics of content creation on the platform.

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