3 Simple Ideas For Paid WhatsApp Groups

By Team Rigi

August 9, 2023

Rigi has been revolutionizing the creator economy space in India. Rigi allows creators to grow, manage, and monetize their community. It enables them to make a living out of their passion. One of the most popular services Rigi provides is allowing users to create paid subscription groups. You can now make a paid group on WhatsApp or Telegram, at zero cost. 

Rigi lets you focus on content, while all logistical tasks are made hassle-free. Automated tasks include member addition, removal, subscription reminders, retargeting and much more. You can now use Rigi to create a custom subscription plan for your community for any specified time period. After creation of your group, you simply share the payment link wherever you wish to, and users can pay and get added automatically. 

Why use Paid WhatsApp Groups?

A paid group on WhatsApp is a great way to earn a consistent income, where users pay and join for a stipulated time period. According to a study by Statista, India leads the list of countries in terms of WhatsApp usage. As of May 2022, there are more than 487 million WhatsApp users in India alone. Due to this widespread usage, it forms a lucrative opportunity for you, to tap into this wide user base of varied interests.

On Rigi, you can start a paid group on WhatsApp on any topic of your choice, as long as it doesn’t contain pirated or inappropriate content. This allows you to use your area of expertise to share knowledge and earn a living from it. You can have anywhere upto 256 members in your paid group as per WhatsApp’s limit.

If you are wondering what kind of paid WhatsApp groups exist already, here we have three examples of groups that people currently earn from. There are an infinite number of other options but from these three, we hope you get an idea of how you can turn your knowledge into content for a paid subscription group.

1. Fitness Groups

If you are a fitness instructor and you wish to run a fitness-oriented class, you can simply start a paid group for easy management of members. A manual version of this process would entail collecting individual payments, tracking them, and ensuring the adding and removal of members.

All of this involves additional effort and hassle which can be avoided by using Rigi’s automated features. You can also think about the subscription amount that users pay in this scenario as a monthly fee for your services. 

Say, you run a yoga class for 50 people. This could be taking place online or offline. Manually handling payment collection, people management, and so on will quickly become a huge headache. Instead, you create a paid WhatsApp group through the Rigi app for your class and simply share the payment link to those who wish to join. 

You can now focus solely on creating content and sharing it with your group. In case it’s an offline class, now you have payment collection and community management tasks taken care of. Additionally, you have an easy channel via your WhatsApp group to communicate with your paid members alone.

If you wish to send Zoom links for online sessions, you can do that here too, and ensure that only paid members receive this Zoom link.

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2. Online Tutoring

A similar approach can also be applied to conduct online tutoring. After the COVID-19 pandemic, online classes are more prevalent than ever before. There is a great demand for online courses and workshops in today’s time. Apart from this, there are also tuition classes and other teacher-student groups that operate online.

This can be anything from academic tuition classes to online workshops for musical instruments. However, when a class’s size happens to be considerably big, tutors run into the same problems in terms of managing it. This is where Rigi and paid WhatsApp groups can help out.

Say, you are running an Online Beginner’s Guitar Class for 30 people, manually handling payments, registration, and communication can be difficult. Instead, simply create a paid WhatsApp group on Rigi. Share the link amongst your community or to interested folks.

They pay and join according to the plans you have custom set. All the payments you receive and analytics will be consolidated in your Rigi app dashboard. Thus, running a class becomes seamless and can result in consistent earning for you, no matter what level of creator you are.

3. To Share Digital Goods

If you are a creator who wants to share digital goods to an online community, you can do it through a paid WhatsApp group. Think of this feature as a method to collectively make available a lot of content for just paid members.

For example, say, you are a Motion Graphics designer and wish to sell templates as MOGRTS or project files. You simply create a paid WhatsApp group on Rigi and share the payment link to your community or to groups of interest. People pay and join your group. You can now simply focus on the sharing templates part ie. the actual content of your group.

Group management, payment collection and other tedious tasks are automated by Rigi. This feature can be used to sell a variety of digital goods including stock photos, design templates, project files and much more.

If you wish to sell digital goods each priced individually, you should also consider using Rigi’s Locked Message feature for creating pay-to-view content.

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Bonus : Private, Secured Group For Any Purpose

If you wish to create a group but wish to filter out spammers or fraudulent members, charge a small entry fee for your group. This can be done through a paid WhatsApp group on Rigi. 

For example, you wish to create a WhatsApp group for a cycling gang in your city. You can share a WhatsApp invite link to online communities where people of potential interest might be present. However, this can lead to multiple unwanted members joining through your invite link.

Instead, charge a small entry fee, priced as low as ₹50, using Rigi’s paid WhatsApp group feature. This will weed out the unwanted users, making the group more secure and legitimate. If folks join your group on a regular basis, you can also earn a sizeable amount from doing this, from upto 256 members.

These are just a few ideas for WhatsApp groups that you can create. You can also think of your own ways to start monetising your expertise and earn from your community. Paid WhatsApp groups are a new and exciting way to start making a living from your passion!

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