Pretty Piped Florals


Maria J

Masterclass AT Delhi

Duration : 10 hours
Time : 10 am to 7.30 pm
Date : 12th May
Location : 
City : Delhi

Masterclass AT MUMBAI coming soon!


Why whipped cream?

Because it’s cost-effective, widely used and can achieve a very realistic effect with the right coloring and piping techniques. Plus, learning to handle the delicate nature of whipped cream makes handling the sturdier buttercream and ganache a breeze.

In this Masterclass, you will learn to pipe the below florals. These are a good mix of basic to advanced flowers and mastering these encourages you to recreate almost any flower you fancy. 

Flowers you will learn to pipe hands-on

Classic Rose | David Austin Rose  | Peony | Ranunculus | Blossoms | Chrysanthemum | Anemone | Scabiosa

Flowers that will be demonstrated

Dahlia | Hydrangea

What else is included?

  1. How to whip cream the right way for flowers, understanding correct consistency, how to handle changes in texture etc.
  2. Different ways of colouring whipping cream
  3. How to make fillers and leaves
  4. How to make different flowers in bud, half bloom and full bloom
  5. Planning the floral layout to create wholesome looking formations
  6. Trouble-shooting and tips & tricks


  • FREE take-home comprehensive piping kit worth Rs 2500
  • Take-home the decorated cake dummy 
  • Take-home tonnes of learning and student support group on whatsapp
  • Lunch and Refreshments provided.