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Neelima Kumari

Founder and Corporate Trainer,


Neelima kumari is a corporate trainer who is a postgraduate and a nationally and internationally certified soft skills trainer with sixteen-plus years of experience as an instructor, administrator, and trainer.
She transitioned into an entrepreneur intending to help individuals ace their careers and accelerate their performance by assisting them to work on their inside-out image to help them discover the winning edge to unlock potential and opportunities.She has trained thousands of professionals and conducted corporate training at esteemed organizations. She has mentored various professionals and entrepreneurs in the recent past on personal excellence and executive programs and success essentials. Her fulfilment lies in seeing her participants find purpose and direction with positivity and empathy.
She also helps organizations and corporations to create an inspiring culture toward holistic growth in terms of human skills and business skills. Her signature programs have been proven to be interesting and engaging that help inculcates qualities like team spirit, inspiring actions, personal touch with a professional touch, and a sportsmanship attitude.A passionate and value-driven person with a strong purpose, who always sets the bar high to chase excellence. Her signature style of content creation has proved that she is a very creative and innovative creator on LinkedIn.
She has proved herself as a strategic thinker concerning personal branding, sales, and marketing. She has gained popularity and 33000+ followers in a short span of eight months due to consistently adding value in a unique style.She intends to create an impact through her training, mentoring, and guidance via group coaching, and individual consultancy.
Her mantra is “Be the power to discover the winning edge, “it’s in you”
She believes in empathy, passion, creativity, and excellence and goes the extra mile to serve her clients.
She wants to build a society of confident individuals who inspire and uplift each other.


Know yourself in and out to lead with authority

Learn to motivate and influence your team to build businesses

Build a self-motivated team to boost productivity

Identify the importance of crucial habits to lead yourself and your team.

Inculcate an attitude to live and lead with purpose

Imbibe Inspiring actions for self-empowerment

Preparation for the Webinar

1. The session will help you to know your hidden potential.

2. You will discover the leader in you.

3. You will build authority with humility.

4. Identify inspiring action to inculcate.

5. Differentiate between managing and leading.

6. You will learn to chase excellence.

7. You will create an impact in your life and others

8. You will be able to make the right decision at the right time.