Rigi for

Astrology & Tarot Reader

Rigi enables Astrology experts and Tarot Card readers to earn income from their expertise and monetization of their community.

Wondering how to make Money as an Astrologer or Tarot reader ?

Offer 1-on-1 Expert Consultation

Earn from paid personal sessions with your community with Rigi’s 1-on-1 feature.

Run Exclusive Paid Community On WhatsApp/Telegram

Run exclusive pay-to-join communities on WhatsApp and Telegram for providing premium astrology related content.

Sell Daily or Weekly Readings As Pay-To-View Content

Create, share and sell pay-to-view content and any digital goods as Locked Messages on the Rigi app.

Why Should Astrology Experts Use Rigi?

Steady & Dependable Income Stream

Add diversified income streams using Rigi’s multiple features that help you earn as a content creator or influencer.

Connect & Interact With Your Community

Nurture your relationship with your followers and fans and interact with them directly.

Become Independent

Don’t rely on ads or paid collaborations anymore to earn consistently from your passion

I’ve been a Tarot Card reader for years and Rigi has been an invaluable addition to help me earn income. 

I’ve been using the Locked Messages feature on Rigi for my personal consultations as a Tarot reader and it’s been a life changer! I am now able to create pay-to-view Tarot readings for clients and earn on a consistent basis.

Neha Shandilya



Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. All the features Rigi provides are free to use for Astrology & Tarot creators with the lowest commission as compared to most creator platforms.

No. Rigi is for creators at all levels. If you are a creator in the Astrology & Tarot category, you can start using Rigi’s features to start earning an income. Everybody from beginners to micro-influencers to the biggest celebrities can use Rigi.

Rigi offers its multiple, automated features for absolutely free of cost so that creators can make a living out of their passion.

Rigi also offers the least commission on its features as compared to other platforms offering services for Business Coach creators.

It is also an avenue for creators to develop multiple channels of income through multiple features, all consolidated and tracked on one platform. A creator on the Rigi app can do everything from run paid groups, sell pay-to-view content, create & sell courses, host workshops and much more.

If you are a creator in the Business Coach category and wish to know how to use Rigi, you can always reach out to us on email at support@rigi.club for assistance.

We also have a dedicated Chat Support on the app for any issues or grievances. You can access it by going to the Settings section of the app, clicking on ‘Need Help?’ and starting a conversation with our support team.

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