Coaching Session : 60 min GMeet : Rs1000

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“Empower Oneself to Change and make a difference to others”

By Coach Kevin Amrith

Certified Life and Executive Coach

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Coaching Discovery Session : 15 min Gmeet : Rs1

Coaching Session : 60 min GMeet : Rs1000

About Us

As a career coach, I work on a wide range of issues, such as career planning, job search strategies, resume building, interviewing skills, and professional development, also help clients to identify their strengths and weaknesses, set career goals, and develop action plans to achieve those goals, and provide guidance and support to help them to overcome the obstacles and make positive changes in their careers.

 As a Life and Executive coach, I help professionals to be focused and improve their professional goals and achieve their objectives and the organizational objectives 

Having over two decades of experience and having worked in various roles in hospitality industry – coaching and mentoring were an inherent part of me and something I grew a liking, as the levels of complexity and change increase exponentially, so does our need for being able to simplify this complexity and what it means to us. In today’s environment, we believe that everyone can gain immensely from coaching. Coaching gives perspective, enabling you to focus on what’s most important, and in an increasingly busy, distracted, and challenging environment that we are all in, this focus and perspective can elevate your effectiveness. 

I follow customized strategies to encourage you to navigate a path that is aligned with who “You” really are and who “You” really wish to be.

I walk along with you in your journey of self-discovery to lead a more meaningful and rewarding life- both professionally and personally by constantly reiterating the importance of focus, commitment, optimism, clarity, and above all, self-belief.