Unveiling Rigi’s GapUp- A New Era of Authentic Knowledge Exchange is Here

By Team Rigi

September 29, 2023

GapUP- Curated Discovery Platform to Connect you With Experts

We are excited to share the news of the launch of GapUp! Originating from the innovative minds at Rigi, GapUp is our latest curated discovery platform, offering a space for users to access and learn from credible experts across various domains. This revolutionary platform is our response to the growing demand for authentic and trustworthy information in our ever-evolving digital world.

In today’s creator economy, the influence creators have over consumers is undeniable. However, identifying genuine expertise amid the vast ocean of content has become a daunting task. We saw that people were going to unregistered advisors to make trading and investment decisions and this might result in huge losses. We wanted to ensure access to authentic, approved information. GapUp is our solution to this challenge, serving as the go-to platform for users to interact with vetted experts across diverse domains. This ensures that learning and decision-making are rooted in accurate and reliable knowledge.

GapUp is envisioned as a hub of expertise, uniting SEBI Registered Advisors, fashion enthusiasts, tech innovators, fitness experts, travel enthusiasts, and many more. It’s a place where top experts can kickstart courses, engage in live interactions, and ensure an enriching learning experience for all users.

Our collaboration with Economic Times and Money Control significantly enhances the credibility of this venture. It is the foundation for a transformative learning ecosystem, aiming to bridge the gap between the abundant information on social media and the genuine need for reliable knowledge. We believe, “Social media has democratized information, but the ‘noise’ often overshadows the ‘signal’. GapUp is our endeavor to filter through that noise, providing users a beacon of trusted expertise,” as shared by our Co-Founder, Swapnil Saurav. Ananya Singhal, our other Co-Founder, reinforces, “Our partnership with Economic Times for GapUp’s launch solidifies our dedication to pioneering an era of credible online learning and engagement.”

In a nutshell, here are the major offerings that GapUp brings to the table:

Access to Registered Experts: Effortlessly access insights and tips from SEBI registered advisors.

Diverse Confluence of Minds: Engage with financial experts, fashion enthusiasts, tech visionaries, fitness gurus, travel experts, and more.

Rich Learning Experiences: Access well-crafted courses and live interactions from top influencers, creators, and mentors.

Curated Discovery Platform: Navigate through a meticulously curated platform offering a gateway to top-notch learning experiences.

Don’t just stay informed, become truly enlightened. Join GapUp now and be a part of the revolution! Explore GapUp Now!

By Team Rigi

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