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02 Aug' 23 - 13 Oct' 23

30 sessions

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structured into 6+ Modules to make you a master of speaking English

For Beginners To Advance Level

Designed For Everyone not able to Speak English in Public.

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Speaking English in front of Public?

Know the correct strategy to speak faster Develop your communication skills at 2x speed Learn the secret to speak anytime, anywhere


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to help make easily Speaking in English in front of Public

Your Journey to becoming a Fluent English Speaker

Learn the Fundamentals

The English course will cover important grammatical concepts and sentence structures, enabling you to construct grammatically correct sentences. You will gain a better understanding of tenses, prepositions, articles, and other key grammatical elements.

Level 1

Listening and Reading Skills

Effective communication involves not only speaking but also listening attentively.  This course will include listening exercises and activities to help you improve your comprehension skills, understand different accents, and follow conversations more easily. Moreover, you will also get reading materials to help you understand the sentence structures and implementation of new words.

Level 2

Vocabulary Expansion

This course will introduce you to new words and phrases, helping you expand your vocabulary. You will learn commonly used expressions, idioms, and colloquialisms that are essential for effective communication.

Level 3

Error Correction and Feedback

In this course, you will get specialized group access, receive personalized feedback and guidance from instructors. They will help identify your weaknesses and provide suggestions for improvement, ensuring that you overcome specific challenges and enhance your overall language skills. Also you will get specialized group access.

Level 4

Fluency and Confidence

Regular practice and conversation exercises in this spoken English course can greatly enhance your fluency. As you engage in conversations with instructors and fellow learners, your confidence in speaking English will gradually increase.

Level 5

Personal Growth

 Finally, this Spoken English course can contribute to your personal growth by boosting your self-confidence, expanding your worldview, and enabling you to connect with people from diverse backgrounds. It opens up opportunities for personal and intellectual development.

Level 6

Meet your Aditi Banerjee

Aditi Banerjee

Founder of Skilloholic

Aditi Banerjee is a passionate Educator having more than 8+ years of experience.

With an aim of educating and helping people towards learning English and to make the language achievable for everyone she started ‘adisteaching’ her YouTube channel in the year of 2019. Soon this channel got massive popularity and it reached 13 lakh + subscribers.

Later she created her second channel ‘SkillOholic- Bangla’(currently has 280k+ subs) where she started posting videos that can help people to motivate themselves, learn job interview skills, communication skills, and personality development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the workshop?

You can get all the details related to the timings and dates of the workshop on the top of the page.

Will this be live or pre-recorded?

All the sessions are live and you will be provided with the class recordings and study mats.

Will I receive a certificate after completion?

Yes, after successfully completing the course you will get a certificate. Also note, a learner needs to have 90% attendance to get the certificate

Is it worth investing in this workshop?

Your every minute is valuable here. You will learn every little thing in detail and also get practice sessions. Your trainer will help you to clear all your doubts after each session.

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