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A scientific self development course which will help you built all the required principles to master motivation, consistency and resilience to rise above the competitive exam challenge.

Meet Your Mentor

Rahuram Chanthrakumar

IITM student, Creator, Entrepreneur

I’m Rahu doing my Masters at IIT Madras. You might see me in online as student. But while my GATE preparation, I wasn’t able to sit and study properly, I procrastinated,  The Result was my GATE score was 50 during my GATE 2019 and 48 on GATE 2020. But once I joined IIT Madras, I started understanding the way brain works. That’s when I started seeing results. I managed to do multiple things without any loss in performance. I secured 8.69 CGPA, I have around 50k subscribers, I read one book a week, I take classes for GATE &JEE aspirants to help them crack the exams , I play basketball everyday and sleep really well.I’m here to help you fuel your performance for GATE exam and beyond.

Why Choose This Course ...

A scientific self developement course which will help you built all the required principles to master motivation, consistency and resilience. The purpose of the GATE exam is to check the knowledge and perception of undergraduate students in various core topics of engineering and science. But in order to crack this exam, you need an ideal strategy and build study habits that result in success.

This masterclass will help you achieve the following

Here's what you will learn ...

5 Modules | Best Approach

  • Meet your coach
  • Get the most out of your course
The Mindset
  • Change your lens
  • Believe and Succeed
  • Conquer your fear
  • Building GRIT: Science behind passion and perseverance
Build your Consistency System
  • Let’s talk about motivation.
  • Be so good they can’t ignore you.
  • Kill the enemy to consistency
  • Get control of your actions
Fail Proof your consistency
  • How to stay consistent without depending on motivation?
  • What are habits exactly?
  • How to pick habits?
  • How can we built or break habits?
  • Design your habits.
  • Make your habits stick, 30 days and beyond.
  • How to Build a routine?
The Climax
  • Take this with you
  • Let’s celebrate

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Previously, I had experience of starting something and then finding it difficult to follow through and stay consistent. I took a course where Rahuram brother encapsulated science-based tips on motivation, and it helped me in my preparation
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"Your sessions are really amazing. I can see changes in me. I was really looking for these type of sessions where I can see my goal and work towards it. I am very happy that I found this one and joined today morning without giving a second thought that whether I should join or not. Thank you so much ma'am"

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